7 Day Challenge: Cardio

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Flat Tummy Co Lifestyle 7 day workout plan 7 Day Challenge: Cardio
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Ready to join the Flat Tummy Lifestyle? Tackle Sydne’ Autry’s 7 day challenge. Workouts designed to get your heart rate up, strengthening your muscles and burning some freakin’ cals.

Flat Tummy Lifestyle Guide
7 Day Challenge: Cardio

Tackle the challenge...
Get back on track

You asked, we listened! Our babes have been wanting a Flat Tummy Lifestyle Guide and it’s officially here! We’ve designed these challenges to be that extra boost you need to kickstart your journey, and get back on track.

Flat Tummy × Sydne’ Autry

We’re freakin’ PUMPED about this one, babes! Sydne’ Autry is letting us in on how she keeps that tummy tight, toned and flat. She’s designed her own 7 Day Challenge: Cardio for you to tackle. It’ll work to get your heart rate up, burst through fitness plateaus and burn some freakin’ calories. Oh, and we added in our own Flat Tummy meal inspo, in case you need a little extra boost!

So, think you can tackle @sydneautry’s challenge?

Meal Inspo Workouts

Need that extra meal inspo boost? For the 7 days, our girls at HQ added in their top meal suggestions for:

  • Breakfast
  • 2 × Snacks

For lunch & dinner, try to keep it healthy. If you really wanna step up your game, add in Flat Tummy Shakes to maximize results!

Here’s the deal... we know some of our babes dread cardio, but if we’re elevating our heart rate and burning calories, then we’re burning LBS and getting that tummy back on track.

Don’t worry - these exercises aren’t your typical basic cardio. They’re in circuit format, 5 exercises per set, with start & finish diagrams and a brief description of the movement to ensure you’re doing them right. #gotyourback

Best part? All exercises can be done at home, without equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the 7 day challenge?

Once you complete your purchase and your order is fulfilled, you’ll receive an email with a direct link! All you gotta do download the PDF to your device.

Do I need to purchase other Flat Tummy products to do the challenges?

For the majority of our PDF’s, you should be able to purchase everything you need for your meal plan at your local grocery store! For Core, we do recommend pairing it with Flat Tummy Shakes.

What ingredients will I have to buy?

Our 7 Day Challenge: Meal Plan & Workout has a variety of really delicious meals, and all your ingredients should be able to be purchased at your local grocery store.

Can I incorporate my Flat Tummy programs into my 7 Day Challenge?

Absolutely! It’s super easy. Our Performance Supplement can be taken every day as directed, at anytime! For Flat Tummy Tea, just drink your Activate with breakfast, then Cleanse on the nights directed on the back of the pack. You can swap out any of your breakfast / lunches or dinners with 1 x Flat Tummy Shake. You can swap out one of your snacks for 1-2 pops!

What kind of results can I expect?

Everyone’s different and it depends how much you put into it. We’re hooking you up with HQ’s go to 7 Day Challenge, which we find get us the best results! Pro tip: Take a before picture so you can track just how far you’ve come!

Does it accommodate dietary restrictions?

Our 7 Day Challenge: Meal Plan & Workout, is designed without dietary restrictions. However, feel free to swap out suggested ingredients with another similar option - just try to keep it fairly healthy​!

Can I use it if I’m breastfeeding or pregnant?

Flat Tummy Lifestyle Guides are designed to be completed healthy, though we recommend chatting with a doctor prior to ordering if you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I return it if I don’t like the recipes?

Sorry babe, as our Flat Tummy Guides are digital - all purchases are final once the order is complete, so we’re unable to provide refunds under any circumstances.

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