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Flat Tummy Shakes

Flat Tummy Shakes
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Need to add a bit of self control, babe? Our Flat Tummy Shakes program is where it’s at. With clinically studied Super Citrimax, our Flat Tummy Shakes program is 3 x more effective than diet and exercise alone. Yep, we’re going to help you get to where you wanna be. Looking good, feeling fiiine and rocking it like the 12/10 that you are. Oh, and did we mention it comes in two freaking delicious flavours? #yesway


  • Kick those cravings
  • Control your appetite
  • Move those stubborn lbs


All the best things a babe could ask for. Not only are our Flat Tummy Shakes meal replacement shakes gluten free, dairy free and 100% vegan, they’re also soy free and contain no added sugar. Long story short? They’re 100% babe friendly. #yesway 

  • 20 grams of plant based protein
  • 22 vitamins and minerals
  • 50 fruits and vegetables
  • Packed with Super Citrimax


To be honest, babe…. it really couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is just replace 1-2 meals per day (depending on your goals) with your Flat Tummy Shakes sachet and you’re good to go. In our four week program (20 pack) and our two week program (10 pack) you'll notice that there are two different types of sachets. The Extra Kick Monday shakes are specifically designed to kickstart your week and are meant to be taken on Monday, and the rest... you just shake it as usual! Yep, we've got you like that. #shakeitbaby


Extra Kick

First up, it’s time to get you pumped and ready for that Monday morning grind. Our Flat Tummy Shakes Extra Kick Monday is packed with a few extra B6, B12 and Niacin nutrients and is specifically designed to give you that extra boost of energy that your body needs. These extra nutrients are all proven to help you keep your nervous system in check, your brain functioning efficiently and help to convert carbs and glucose into fuel (aka energy). So pretty much exactly what you need to combat those Monday morning feels. Just replace 1-2 meals with your Flat Tummy Shakes Extra Kick Monday shake and get ready be ready to freaking own it! #ohyeah

Tuesday — Friday

Shake It As Usual

And for the rest of the week? Get ready to Shake It As Usual, babe. Our Flat Tummy Shakes program is 3x more effective than diet and exercise alone with clinically studied Super Citrimax. All you need to do is replace 1-2 meals with your Flat Tummy Shake from Tuesday - Friday. We don’t like to brag or anything, but both our Vanilla flavor and our Matcha flavor are freaking delicious. But if you do wanna shake it up and add some fruit or some extra somethin’ somethin’ then go for it! Just remember, babes.. it’s all about that balance. And look, if you have one or two #whoops moments on the weekend… we promise we won’t tell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s in Shake It Baby?

    The Shake It Baby meal replacement shakes are packed (and we mean PACKED) with all kinds of flat tummy goodness. With patented and clinically studied Super Citrimax for weight loss & appetite control, our flat tummy shakes also contain 20 grams of plant based protein, 22 vitamins & minerals, more than 50 fruits & vegetables, and a digestive blend of enzymes & probiotics. Oh, and did we mention it’s gluten free, vegan and contains no dairy, soy or added sugar? #yesway

  2. What kind of results can I expect?

    Every babe is different, so results are always going to vary. But our Shake It Baby program is 3x more effective than diet and exercise alone with clinically studied Super Citrimax. It was designed to help you move those stubborn LBS, so with a bit of exercise, and a relatively healthy diet, you should start to see some pretty kick-ass results!

  3. Can I still eat normally?

    You don’t have to follow any sort of super strict diet, babe. But our Shake It Baby program is designed to be taken up to twice a day, and is to be used as a meal replacement. You can still have a healthy(ish) snack every now and then if you need, but if you’re feeling those cravings kick in, try adding some extra ingredients to your shakes. Oh, and let’s be real.. a #whoops moment everyone once in awhile isn’t going to hurt (plus, it’s all about that balance, right?!)

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