Every lollipop is enriched with Satiereal® to help:* Control Hunger | Satisfy Cravings
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Our Lollipops feature Satiereal®, a clinically studied active ingredient extracted from a natural plant. It works to support satiety, which helps control food intake and cravings.

So with 2 pops per day, you’ll have your hunger under control and cravings in-check.

Satisfy cravings, stay fit.[1]

[1] A clinical study showed that participants who took Satiereal® for 8 weeks felt significantly more full, snacked less frequently and lost significantly more weight vs. the placebo group.

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Rated Excellent

  • The lollipops were not as I expected, in fact they were wayyyy better.

    I love them they taste so great and definitely craves your hunger . I wish it was more an explanation how the best way to use flat tummy tea because when I started I wasted a lot of product by using it wrong. it’s my first time getting it and I love it .

  • This really works!!

    I’ve tried different products over the years. But when I tell you this product works trust me it works! Meal plan easy to follow, Great support group, and the tea and lollipops amazing!!! All I can say is thank you flat tummy tea for helping me achieve my first weight loss goal and being my go to for the second round! Great for losing 10 pounds or 30 pounds! Great for just dealing with every day bloating! Just all-around great products!

  • I personally love this product

    I gave it a try at first i was in disbelief about the product but when i gave it a shot i couldnt believe it i have a hard time myself having to control my cravings for snacks and other junk food and this hs helped me so far im still in shock how a lollipop can knock all you cravings out. I highly recommend these lollipops.

  • I love flat tummy

    My favorite thing has to definitely be the lollipops ! My favorite kind is the yellow apple kind , I also love the tea as well ! I have barely been hungry or feeling bloated , I am happy with the outcome and it’s nearly only been a week! Thanks so much for making me feel confident in myself !


Real women, real results

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  • Shanan's results after using Flat Tummy Lollipops
  • Elaine's results after using Flat Tummy Lollipops

Customer Reviews

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No more period

Jasmine V.
Lollipop supplements...need I say more 🍭😋

I tried one of these suckers when my gf got her first order in. I was quite surprised how magical they were. I am currently at a caloric deficit, have been four months in a body building competition and when I say, these worked, im serious no placebo CUZ I WOULD FEEL IT! And the fact they are a candy supplement, **** yea i will treat myself. Any little bit of help to get your mind and body of the hunger, these will do! I just bought 2 bags! I do wish they were lower in sugar so they could be lower in calories for a health supplement

Wanda P.

Actually tastes really good. Keeps you full

I love them.

It took about a week for me to realize that they were helping to control my snacking. They really work. Sometimes after I eat I'm still hungry, the lollipops help to control my hungry feelings. They also taste great.

Jenelle S.

So far so good. First it was the shakes and now it's the lollipops and my family has been noticed I've been losing a lot of weight. For those who haven't tried it yet the best time is not now but right now.