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Ultimate Bundle

Customer for life!

I started using the activate and cleanse tea the beginning of March when I started my 8 week weight loss challenge and workout plan, I drink the activates tea daily and the cleanse tea every 3 days it definitely cleans you out! I’m down 10 lbs and can tell my stomach is noticeably less bloated. I will definitely purchase more in the future!!

Flat Tummy Tea
Tamara S.
This is a part of my daily routine

I cannot say enough about this product. It has helped me maintain my "regularity" better than anything else I have tried. I never miss a day of this tea, I take it on vacations with me too. I love that its made with natural ingredients and gentle. I love this tea.

Flat Tummy Tea
Debra G.

Flat Tummy Tea

I give up waiten on these lollipops

I give up waiten on these lollipops

2 weeks in

I’ve been using the shake as a meal replacement for breakfast & lunch. Followed by a healthy salad for dinner. I am not hungry in between meals and feel full. I’ve also been doing the am tea and the pm tea. No cramping from the tea. It does clean you out! The apple cider gummies are great. I’m incredibly happy with my purchase. I’m down 8 pounds.

First bottle 👍🏻

I've never tried anything containing ACV. But after reading the many necessary benefits ACV offers led me to finally ordering my first bottle of ACV gummies. They've become part of my vitamin ritual.

Flat Tummy Tea
Quinzola S.

This is week 2. To soon to tell, what I can say is that it took this 2nd week to feel one of the side effects. And it was extremely uncomfortable! Currently though I feel fine. Last night was my last night of drinking the cleanse every other day. This week I drink it every 3rd day. Wish me luck!!

Flat Tummy Tea
Julia T.
Amazing Highly Recommend

Really good it does work I just have to get more serious with my eating habits to see a better results

Flat Tummy Tea
Rosetta R.
Flat tummy

The tea did not work for me, and the company would not refund me

Flat Tummy Tea
Maame Y.

Great product I lost 55lb just two weeks

Flat Tummy Tea
Aliya A.

It takes a while to loss weight. Also a long time to lose belly fat. You also have to exercise. You should see a small difference in about 6 months.

They do work yes they do

I order some about a year ago and I must say they most definitely works they need to be sold a 100.00 only because they do work I was 407 pound got down to 223 off of them and this why I need 10 bags of them

It’s okay

Weight Management Shakes

Love it

I'm loving it😍

Taste is important

And I'm loving my Shake and Tea

Not sure

Haven’t tried it yet, not sure if it will work with my diabetes.

The tea a shake was good In taste, but I have not experienced any weight loss.

I don’t like the taste

Love it

Flat Tummy Tea
Christelle N.

Helped me loose all the baby weight gained during pregnancy and I’m always happy with the results.

Flat Tummy Tea
Anjanette C.

Umm miss mama didn't work for me


They are very Delicious Shakes

Flat Tummy Tea
Janet S.

I love it I have a digestive problem so this helps me a lot I don't have to take anything harsh. To go just drink my teas everyday and every night.

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