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Hit your tummy
with the triple threat!
Shakes + Tea + Lollipops

That’s right. Our Shakes to move those stubborn LBS, our Tea to keep bloating away and our Appetite Suppressant Lollipops to control hunger! It’s time to get the results you’ve been working your ass off for.

Shop our Flat Tummy Bundles with 25% OFF!

Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Flat Tummy Pack for Best Results

Four week shake + four week tea + four week lollipops for 25% OFF!

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Flat Tummy Lollipops

Designed to help you suppress your appetite

Available in mixed flavors including grape, watermelon, yellow apple and berry.

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Flat Tummy Tea

Our super popular, natural, herbal detox tea

Available in four week and two week packs.

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Flat Tummy Shakes

Meal replacement with extra kick Monday

Available in vanilla pod and green tea matcha flavors.

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