Detox Essentials Bundle

The ultimate way to refresh your digestive system.*

  • Reduce bloat*
  • Cleanse colon*
  • Decrease gas*
  • Support energy levels*
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Trusted brand for 10 years
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Hello Flat Tummy, Goodbye Bloat.

Our #1 selling Flat Tummy Tea is the perfect cleanse to get back to flat.*
Help maintain your flatter-looking tummy with Flat Tummy Cleanse.*

The benefits of detoxification

Women of all ages can invest in their overall wellbeing by flushing toxins from the digestive system - yes, even women over 40. Our curated Detox Essentials Bundle helps prevent and flatten your bloated tummy, by using tea to mitigate digestive discomfort, reduce unwanted bloating, and combat feelings of sluggishness. This bundle offers a well-rounded solution for modern lifestyles.*

Bundle contents:

Flat Tummy Tea
Four Week Program
Flat Tummy Co Tea 1 × 30 Day Program Flat Tummy Cleanse
Flat Tummy Cleanse
30 Day Program

Benefit-driven ingredients
traditionally used to help support*

Digestive comfort and may help Decrease Gas

Digestion and may help Reduce Bloat

Feelings of Energy

Supplement Facts & Directions

Detox Essentials Bundle
Goal Breakdown

May help*
Flat Tummy Co Tea 1 × 30 Day Program Flat Tummy Cleanse
Aid DigestionYesYes
Feel EnergizedYes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs I need a detox?
Having your digestive system outta whack may be what’s causing your clothes to feel a bit too tight, energy levels to drop, and occasional digestive discomfort to hit. If this sounds like you, it may be time for a detox.*
What kind of results can I expect?
A digestive refresh can help reduce bloat, decrease gas, support natural energy levels, and leave you with a flatter-looking tummy.*
How soon can I expect results?
Typically women start to see and feel results after their first full week. Keep in mind, it’s important to stay hydrated and incorporate light exercise.
Do I take them at the same time?
Set yourself up for success by kickstarting your detoxification journey with Flat Tummy Tea, a four-week cleanse. Once completed, help maintain and push for better results with Flat Tummy Cleanse. Directions provided on the back of each program.
Can I use this if I’m breastfeeding?
It’s best to wait until after you’re done breastfeeding to complete our Detox Essentials Bundle.
Does it make you run to the bathroom?
No, most women find the cleansing effect is quite gentle, and if you do find it a bit strong, you can always shorten your infusion time. It should definitely not have you running to the bathroom though.
Do I have to workout?
For optimal results, pairing these programs with a light workout is best - even a long walk is great!
Still drinking the tea and eating no carbs. Would like to discover how much more I am able to loose by January. Starting over 230lbs.. now 186lbs. Would love to share my story with flat tummy tea customers. The product truly works!
- Amajuoma
Best of the best 😍😍, I have been on a tough fitness journey and thanks to this I'm back on track and getting great results. The taste is soooo good. I highly recommend.
- Misschikka
Seriously no bloating! It really supports digests and reduces bloating. I can’t thank you enough FLAT TUMMY CO (I really want to shout)! Thank you!!
- Nyprycelyzz
I was using the 4 week program cleansing tea
- Naidda K
I’ve been using @flattummyco tea for about 3 weeks now and my results are amazing. I got tired all that water weight and bloated so I tried this tea and I really like it. And I still eat healthy and remain active I recommend this to anyone trying to lose belly fat. And it a great detox, cleanse.
- Pretty Frances
I started my flat tummy tea journey a month ago. I have been working out and eating right for some months now. The tea has given me a boost in my weight loss though! And I’m loving my results! I’m almost done my 4-week program. So I’m down 18 pounds and 3 inches off my stomach!!
- Nikki

Customer Reviews

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Did not work for me


Maybe I didn't like it bc I haven't received it yet and it's been over a month.


I love ❤️ the Lilpops they do cut down your appetite. The tea I haven't tried yet when I do I'll let you know. 😊


Love it 😍

Teresa H.
So far so great!

I love it it’s one of the best detox teas

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