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Flat Tummy Cleanse

  • All-natural program used by women to help reduce bloating and decrease gas.*
  • Works as a gentle 2-day colon cleanse to help eliminate toxins that build-up in your digestive system, leaving you with a flatter-looking tummy.*
  • Packed in pre-portioned tea bags for convenience.
  • Vegan friendly, vegetarian friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free.
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Detox, debloat & deflate your tummy.*

Flat Tummy Cleanse is made up of seven all-natural ingredients that work together to cleanse your colon. The natural cleansing effect is super gentle, and you can adjust the strength of your serving by adjusting the infusion time (shorter infusion time = weaker cleansing effect).*

Wake up feeling light and refreshed, with a flatter-looking tummy.*


Flat Tummy Cleanse teabag

Inside each resealable Flat Tummy Cleanse pouch are 8 pre-portioned tea bags. This is our only tea blend that comes in tea bags for convenience.

Supplement facts

On Saturday and Sunday, drink in the evening before bed.

  • Add 1 Cleanse tea bag to a cup.
  • Infuse in 1 cup (approx. 8 oz) of hot water for 3-5 minutes.
  • Remove tea bag and drink!
  • Repeat next weekend for up to a total of 4 weeks.

Supplement Facts

8 servings per container
Serving Size: 1 tea bag (1.45g) (makes 8 oz)

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Proprietary Cleanse Blend: 1450mg +
Senna (leaf), Peppermint (leaf), Cassia Chamaecrista (pods), Liquorice (root), Caraway (seed), Dandelion (root), Rhubarb (root).

+Daily Value not established


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I drink it?
On Saturday and Sunday, drink in the evening before bed. Repeat the following weekend for up to a total of 4 weeks.
What’s the difference between this and Flat Tummy Tea?
Over the course of four-weeks, Flat Tummy Tea 2-Step Detox gives your digestive systems an in depth cleanse.* This typically produces better and longer lasting results, than completing just a quick 2-day detox with Flat Tummy Cleanse.

Pro Tip: Flat Tummy Cleanse is a great way to help maintain your results from your Flat Tummy Tea detox.
What kind of results can I expect?
This herbal detox has a gentle cleansing effect, kinda like a digestive reset. It helps to deter gas build up, support your digestion, and helps your body flush toxins from your digestive system that cause bloating.*
Can I still eat normally?
We recommend keeping a fairly healthy diet, and drinking lots of water! Try carrying a water bottle around with you, as you’ll be more likely to hit your water goal for the day when it’s close by.
Can I use this with blood pressure meds?
With any medication, we recommend reviewing the ingredients with your doctor. See the full list of ingredients for Flat Tummy Cleanse.

What’s in Flat Tummy Cleanse?
Trusted for more than 10 years, our Proprietary Cleanse Blend is made up of all natural herbs. Peppermint (leaf), Liquorice (root), Caraway (seed), Senna (leaf), Cassia Chamaecrista (pods), Dandelion (root), Rhubarb (root).
Do I have to workout?
We think moving your body is important. Whether you want to go on a long walk, or complete a quick 30 minute workout on our free Flat Tummy App.

I’ve been using the Weekend Detox Tea [Flat Tummy Cleanse]. Thanks so much, it’s really working. I couldn’t believe the results in such quick timing. This stuff really works!

- @ethi___

After 2 years of using the weekend tea every weekend! It has helped me get rid of unwanted body weight and keep it off!

- @itspamori

The weekend cleanse was not only one of the best tasting tea I’ve had, but it got rid of so much of my bloating and unnecessary weight. From 102 lbs to 96 lbs in just one month! The program was so Easy to stick too unlike some of the other diets that leave you craving unhealthy foods you love. With the cleanse it almost feels like you reset your body from all the toxins, and unhealthy foods you ate during the week. you feel so much better. I completed my usual exercise during the week but flat tummy tea just sped up the weight loss process! I absolutely adore this product and will be purchasing some of the others!

- @jaidennhaggiag
- sarahydabratzz

After one weekend cleanse with diet and exercise

- Lorrie L.

Customer Reviews

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I’ve lost 50ibs in 3 months

You just can’t drink the tea and sit on you’re ****, the tea help if u work out 30 min a day and also if you drink it before meals and before bed. I’ve lost 50ibs in 3 months and a lemon to it The tea works great I drink it in the morning and before bed I workout 30 min by walking around and and other exercise that help start the day you just can’t drink the tea and sit on you’re **** and why eating a double cheeseburger?


It didn't do anything, in fact non of the products works, and yes I did my part, ZERO RESLTS and MONEY WAISTED!!!!!


This product works really well well


I like tea so this herbal is fantastic


Muy rapido

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