Ultimate Bundle Maximum Results

Ultimate Bundle Maximum Results

Ultimate Bundle

  • Weight Management Shakes to Move Stubborn LBS, ft Clinically Studied Super Citrimax.*
  • Protein Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes for Gut Health & Digestive Comfort.*
  • 100% Natural Detox Tea to Reduce Bloating.*
  • ACV Gummies to Slim Your Tummy & Reduce Appetite.*
  • Superfruit Gummies for Skin, Gut & Daily Health.*
  • 20 oz BPA-Free Shaker with Detachable Bottom.
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Ultimate Flat Tummy Bundle

This Ultimate Bundle is the entire package designed to get real results and get that tummy back to flat!* Weight Management Shakes to cut cals, Protein Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes to support gut health, Detox Tea to reduce bloat, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies to reduce appetite, Superfruits Gummies to support skin & gut health- and that's not even all the benefits.* This bundle is where maximum results meets maximum savings!

Bundle contents:

  • 1 × Weight Management Shakes*
  • 1 × Flat Tummy Detox
  • 1 × Protein Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes (14 Servings)
  • 1 × Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies (60 Count)
  • 1 × Superfruits Gummies (60 Count)
  • 1 × Shaker Bottle

Getting back on track ain’t easy, we get that. Which is why we’ve developed programs that are super easy to use, and will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.* No matter your goal - we’ve got your back. Just find the bundle that best suits you!

Flat Tummy Weight Management Shakes*

  • Kick those cravings
  • Control your appetite
  • Move those stubborn lbs

Packed with all the best things a babe could ask for. Not only are our meal replacement shakes gluten free, dairy free and 100% vegan, they’re also soy free and contain no added sugar. Long story short? They’re 100% babe friendly. #yesway

20 grams of plant based protein

22 vitamins and minerals

50 fruits and vegetables

Packed with Super Citrimax

Flat Tummy Tea

  • Boost your energy
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Reduce your bloating

Our super simple detox is packed with ingredients traditionally known to help you cleanse your system, support metabolism and reduce your bloating. Our two or four week cleanse is specifically designed to help you kick that bloated, sluggish and blaaaah feeling.

Protein Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes
Chocolatey Goodness for your Tummy!

You’re not dreaming, babe. Our unique blend of 1 Billion Probiotics and Enzymes work to support healthy digestion and gut health.†* In every delicious, vegan-friendly serving you’ll enjoy 21 grams of plant-based protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 50% Daily Value for iron which helps energy production and support immune health.

On top of all that? This formula includes Proteases/Pepzyme AG® which work to break down proteins for easy digestion.*

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
Yummy gummies to slim your tummy!*

  • Weight Management
  • Support Digestion & Gut Health
  • Energy

Our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are designed with all the traditional benefits that Apple Cider Vinegar has to offer, without the nasty taste! Enjoy 2 gummies everyday to help support weight management, reduce appetite and boost energy.* Getting back on track never tasted so good.

Superfruits Gummies
Beauty & gut benefits in a great tasting gummy!

  • Skin Health
  • Gut Health
  • Immune Health

Let’s face it, babe. We’ve hit the age where our skin isn’t going to take care of itself. Rich in antioxidants A, C, and E, our Superfruits gummy features skin-nourishing and collagen-building ingredients to help keep you looking and feeling your best.* It also contains essential nutrients that provide support for immune and cellular health.*

Add superfruits to your routine today and get ready to replenish, invigorate and protect.*

Ultimate Bundle

Regular price $232.00 USD $162.40 USD
Select weight management shake flavor:

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