Rachel’s FTCo Review

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Rachel has been feeling the benefits from her Flat Tummy Tea, Shakes and Pops programs since 2020! Check out what she has to say about her journey below.

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{I’ve been using} the Flat Tummy Bundles {with} teas, shakes and lollipops. They were a success {from starting} in February 2020. 

I’m studying to become a midwife, trying to keep good health and concentrating on staying focused in life. {I} started because it played a big role in loving myself again, thank you for showing me how to put myself first!

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It was a challenging journey but the lollipops helped me defeat that hunger. Being able to cleanse was a blessing, dropped 35 lbs and kept going with exercise and consistency. {My advice to others is} to keep going no matter how long it takes.

Great advice Rachel! Get started and choose your perfect bundle for up to 30% OFF here today.

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