Flat Tummy Cleanse

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Looking for our quickest program to cleanse your digestive system? You’ll want to keep reading for all the details on our Flat Tummy Cleanse!

weekend cleanse detox

Flat Tummy Cleanse is a 2-day detox which we designed to help cleanse the system, support digestion, and reduce bloat. Packed with all natural ingredients including peppermint leaf, rhubarb root, and caraway seeds, you’re sure to love the soothing flavor. Drinking a cup in the evenings on Saturday and Sunday, then repeat for up to 4 weeks. Pre-portioned into individual tea-bags, this weekend program is convenient and perfect to take on the go and when traveling!*

Don’t wait any longer to grab your Flat Tummy Cleanse. It’ll help kick-start your digestive system and eliminate bloat!*

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  • I received my flat tummy co chocolate meal replacement shake. So far I am loving the taste and curbs my appetite. I also got the tea detox cleanse. I haven’t tried it yet I want to see how my shake goes. I give the chocolate shake 10 out of 10.

    Kelly Jones on

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