Prebiotics & Probiotics

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Let’s chat prebiotics vs. probiotics. 

Before we get into what makes them different, let’s cover their similarities. For starters, these powerhouse microorganisms and fibers work to support your body’s ability to maintain and build a healthy grouping of bacteria and microorganisms. In simpler terms, they ultimately support gut flora and the digestive system.


prebiotic foods


What Are Prebiotics: 
Special fibers found in plant-based foods that help healthy bacteria grow in your gut. They essentially act as a food source for your gut’s microorganisms, and help your digestive system work more efficiently.
Some examples of high prebiotic foods include garlic, onions, asparagus and bananas.


Benefits of Prebiotics:

Now we already know that prebiotics provide healthy fiber that fuels the good bacteria working in our digestive system. Additionally, foods supplying the body with fiber can help keep you fuller longer while also keeping your digestive system regular, among many other benefits.


probiotic foods


What Are Probiotics:
Probiotics are live, naturally-occurring microorganisms present in the digestive tract, and are considered "good bacteria". Additional probiotics can be consumed as supplements or by including certain foods into your diet such as yogurt and cottage cheese to help support a favorable balance of these good bacteria in your digestive tract.
Benefits of Probiotics:
Probiotics help your body break down and digest food, while supporting your overall gut health and keeping your immune system running smoothly. Healthy gut bacteria can help support and regulate hormone production. Incorporating probiotics into your diet can also help your body absorb those important nutrients within your diet. Additionally, research generally shows that a diverse microbiome with a healthy balance of good bacteria is a foundational part of good health, so both your gut and body will thank you!

Flat Tummy Programs That Contain Probiotics:
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Packed with 1 billion probiotics, 16 unique green fruits and vegetable extracts, and specialty enzyme Pepzyme AG® to help break down proteins for digestive comfort. Going green is easy. 
Speciality enzymes called Proteases® and 1 billion probiotics to help support your gut. After all, we’ve all heard the saying - good health begins in the gut. 
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†1 billion probiotics at time of manufacture

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