5 Foods to Help Trim Your Tummy

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Knowing which foods are best for your tummy can be tricky. Not to worry, it's kinda our thing to know all about this topic. We’ve compiled our top 5 fav waist trimming foods and supplements below

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superfood eggs

#1 Eggs

It can be hard to avoid craving junkier snacks, but keeping your tummy in check starts with a healthy diet. Eggs are high in protein, which means they'll work to help keep you feeling full, for longer. The fact they jumpstart your metabolism too makes this a great slimming food!


superfood avocados

#2 Avocados 

When it comes to weight management or improving your metabolic health, reach for this green (fiber-dense)  goddess. We love the delicious metabolism boost, and that they're keto-friendly.


strawberry weight loss shake 

#3 Protein Shake

Protein supports your metabolism and helps reduce appetite, aka less snacking in between meals! It's also key to help move those lbs while toning muscle - strong is sexy after all! Our high protein shakes come in clutch with 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving.


acai berry shake superfoods

#4 Açai Berries 

Açai berries can help with appetite suppression and contribute to healthy digestion. Between being filled with fiber and helping your body process foods more efficiently, these in turn help trim the tummy.* Açai berries can be eaten on their own or make the perfect addition to your breakfast bowl or added into your morning Weight Management Shake!


apple cider vinegar gummies for weightloss 

#5 Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding two daily Flat Tummy Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies to your routine helps support weight management goals.* They work to reduce appetite, support digestion, and improve your energy - what more could you ask for?* They are super tasty too. 

Now that you have some direction on which foods we recommend to help trim your tummy, you’re all set to get eating! Be sure to also check out some of our favorite recipe inspo to incorporate these healthy foods into your diet.

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