Here’s Why 3.5 Million Women Turn To Flat Tummy Co

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Flat Tummy Co began after seeing women like us struggle to look and feel their best. After cutting out wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, fructose, soy (and anything with any real flavor)... nothing changed. We decided enough was enough, so we set out to create a range of products that were super easy, super healthy and designed to help our girls get back on track, and stay there.


What you see is what you get and we’re always going to tell you how it is. We’re all about real women getting real results


We’re all about giving into those #whoops moments as long as you get back on track tomorrow!


We’re here to make sure you don’t give up and we’re going to help you get to where you want to be.


Our women come in all shapes and sizes. Everything we do, and everything we’re about is also about feeling good.


From one girl to another, we’ve got your back and we’re here to help wherever (and whenever) we can.


Girl, it’s time to freaking OWN IT! We’re going to be that annoying best friend that isn’t going to let you give up. You’ve got this!


  • Cool

    Lisa on

  • I would love 💘 to try out your product because I have CHF and other health issues and needed to loose 20 to 25 pounds to have my knee surgery.

    Donna on

  • I am trying to loose 20 pounds i enjoy eatimg healthy but i need to get back to exercise its the only thing that helps so I know people that have drank your shakes. Now it’s my turn love you all for helping people love Angela xxo

    Angela Howard on

  • I would really like to try this product because my stomach is so far I can’t wear my clothes

    Tracy Gainous on

  • I would like to try your products as well to see a result I’ve had 10 children so if it works would be the best thing that ever happen to me…….. Thank you for your help and support

    Gladys Hill on

  • I’m definitely ready to try it.But would love to hear results from some that has tried already.

    Princess on

  • I would love to lose like 15 to 20 lbs stomach area pudgy hate it i walk alot get exercise maybe this will help me

    Dana A Dayton on

  • I’m happy to discover this amazing product and am eager to try it.

    Trish on

  • I would love to get rid of my muffin top.To tell the truth about it I need to lose about 40 pounds.I have always been around 125 to 130 lbs now I am at180 lbs.I absolutely hate it. I am ashamed to go anywhere, I don’t even want anyone I know to see me.Please help.

    Mavis Holcombe on

  • Thick waistline. Need help!

    Alicia on

  • I’ve been struggling with my wait since 2016. So please help me. I eat healthy,but i cannot get rid of my stomach.

    Natalie King on

  • I just ordered my first. Package full deal I can’t wait to get started. I enjoy reading those comments. I know I can do the same thing. Can’t wait.

    Ronda on

  • Would love to try.

    Ramona on

  • OMG YAAAS!! I would absolutely love to continue towards a more healthy lifestyle. I’ve worked very fervently toward my health, and physical fitness this past year and a half. I’ve NEVER felt more confident as a WOMAN. I didn’t even know this fulfilment is possible. BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!

    Bria leaigh on

  • Hot flashes, menopause weight- gain that seems impossible to lose. I eat right…mostly! I need something…extra! This might be just the thing! Count me in. Let’s do this!

    Michelle on

  • Look’s like a great idea to trim down! I am need to lost more weight (40p)also keep it off

    Marie Ambeau on

  • I need to lose weight in my tummy area bloating I’m 55lbs over weight please help me

    Cathy Ortiz on

  • Im going through so much that, me realizing that whatever im going thru my grown children are still effected by, has made me make so many things in my life better but still my lacking in the confidence department is so obvious. I just want to be healthy and active and HOT!!

    Amber Alexander on

  • I would love to try this

    Michelle Williams on

  • Menopause hurt me. Help.

    Charyl Hazeltine on

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