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I’ve lost 50ibs in 3 months

You just can’t drink the tea and sit on you’re ****, the tea help if u work out 30 min a day and also if you drink it before meals and before bed. I’ve lost 50ibs in 3 months and a lemon to it The tea works great I drink it in the morning and before bed I workout 30 min by walking around and and other exercise that help start the day you just can’t drink the tea and sit on you’re **** and why eating a double cheeseburger?

Don’t think about, but it now! The best on the market!!!

This is the one. Don’t think about it just buy it, seriously. I read reviews so for me to write a review means that this product does what it says it does. I literally eat one meal a day because I have this shake for breakfast which keeps me full well past lunchtime. I mix mine with heavy whipping cream because it’s zero carbs, a dash of cinnamon, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Perfection!!!!

Flat Tummy Tea
Michelle P.

I love it, I have lost over 15lbs in 30 days ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 ❤️

Flat Tummy Tea
Jessica T.
It really works.

I've been using the meal replacement shakes for 8 weeks and the teas for 4 weeks plus working out and eating healthy. Great results, and I love this stuff and I will continue to use it :)

The cleanse is REAL

My fiancé at the time bought me this duo pack because my metabolism was very slow, and I didn’t have time to workout as much. In two weeks there was a significant change to my gut bloat thanks to these products.

Very surprised with the results!

I used this product for 3 months after having my fifth child. Combined with moderate exercise I was able to lose he baby weight that my body was holding onto. It helped me get regular eating habits. I still have some skin to tighten up, but at least I got the weight under control. Thank you so much!

Purchased and has 2 month expiration date. I reached out to Flat Tummy and requested a replacement with a longer expiration date. I was told no. I'm not pleased. No offer to resolve matter. I will no longer be a customer.

This product I couldn't give a good review because by the time I got ready to try it, it had already expired. I ordered this product in June or July 2023. The expiration was set for August 2023. I made an attempt to reach out to customer service, and she basically told me there was nothing she could do. Oh, and this was their ongoing BOGO SALE that they love to rave about. So now I wonder if, for every BOGO SALE, is it because one may be soon expiring? So, I was highly disgusted with this transaction. Simply due to customer service.


I can’t believe it! My entire life I have always felt and looked like I was 6 months pregnant, everyday at bedtime. I always just wrote it off as having a thin build that was just full from the day’s food. Then I ran across these gummies and thought I had nothing to lose…EXCEPT FOR MY BELLY! After only two days I was no longer feeling or looking bloated! I wish I had known about these earlier!

I give up waiten on these lollipops

I give up waiten on these lollipops

Flat Tummy Tea
Jacqueline l.
Such a great product

I’ve been using flat tummy tea for a couple of years now and had to take a break while I was pregnant. Now post partum, I love drinking it in the morning to help me feel less bloated. It’s an awesome product that doesn’t give you a stomach ache but relaxes your belly instead of those other cleanses that make you run to the bathroom. It’s gentle on my stomach which is great bc I have gastritis and IBS. I highly recommend their product!

Flat Tummy Tea

Absolute horrible service. Took over a month to come in. They only shipped the products after I sent multiple emails asking to cancel my order with a refund as it was taking way too long and over the estimated delivery date. They advised they can not give a refund or cancel the order and that they just shipped it. Will never order from flat tummy co again. I wouldn’t have gotten my order unless I emailed asking for a refund.

Definitely worth buying!

I love love love the chocolate protein shake. Everyone body is different but in my experience, I was bloated and couldn’t get rid of it but when I started I saw changes after the first month. Now it’s been 3 months since I have had it and it’s only getting better. I remain consistent with taking the AM tea every day and the PM tea every third day as well as using the protein shake every time I work on the upper body. I also implement the stair masters or treadmill at least 20 mins after every workout. For woman who rely on food stamps because it is a meal replacement Amazon allows you to make the purchase with EBT, so no excuses as to why you can’t take care of yourself! Super beneficial.


I have started this program and I have no regrets, this product here has really help me along with changing my eating habits and exercising. I have lose weight and I’m feeling great so far. You have to try this you won’t regret it

They do work yes they do

I order some about a year ago and I must say they most definitely works they need to be sold a 100.00 only because they do work I was 407 pound got down to 223 off of them and this why I need 10 bags of them

Ultimate Bundle
Trishann V.

Not only is this product expensive but it doesn't work and all of the items taste like ****. Don't buy this it's a scam any weight loss product that doesn't offer a mo ey back guarantee is a scam. Not to mention it doesn't work I used this stuff the bulk package and not only did I not lose weight I gained 5 pounds . Please don't waste your money on this **** you will be severely disappointed. The adds where they show all the girls that lost weight aren't even the same people and or they got them from another site . I try different weight loss products and by far this is waste the worst one on the market. Don't waste your. Time or money

This is awful I got a bad batch and it taste and smells like paint and it burned my tongue as well as my stomach was hurting so I requested a refund and of course I was denied and that’s why I’m so hesitant to try things new I couldn’t give it 0 because it wasn’t an option

Love it!!

Love! I have been having a hard time losing weight, stomach feels bloated all the time and I have GERD from a hiatel hernia. Drinking the shake and flat tummy tea plus the apple cider gummies. My bloating, GERD issues went away and I am losing weight. Can’t wait to buy more and try more products!

4week program doesn’t have enough product for 4weeks

Find it to be very strange that my 4 week program that I spent over $100 on doesn’t even have enough product to cover the 4 weeks. It recommends two shakes per day, but comes with 20 servings. So according to that I have 10 days worth of shakes in my 4 week program. However, it tastes great. I would have liked to have at least 28 servings to cover 1 shake per day… this should come with 56 servings

I would give them zero stars. Never received my item. I contacted customer support and haven’t heard from anyone. Do not buy from this company. Update! Consumer Beware! In the event that you do not receive their product they will not refund your money. I

It works

So I brought the the flat tummy tea a week ago so far I lost 2lbs and counting I feel good I excise 3 times a week for 5min and started with the weekend tea curve my appetite not a taste for sweet as much 3 meals 3 snacks and done for the day don't eat in the middle of the night like I use too. Look at the top of my stomach not fat and bloated can't wait to see what happens next. Tea for two months and then I going to shake

Seems ok

Many reviews say this is wonderful and the gummies taste great. I don't know what gummies they got, but the ones I received are horrible! I still take them as directed because I really want results, and I don't want to waste my monu. But, truthfully this is a waste of money. The products are very pricey. You can get the same results from products at Walmart.

An helpful tool in a small package.

Last year I was able to lose some weight for the summer. And it’s because of the Apple Cider gummies.
They really do work, I promise they do!!!!

Absolutely the worst company. Do not buy any of these products. The protein shakes were close to expiry and the company will not refund or provide a credit. Spent over $200. The protein shakes were stale and smelt like chemicals. I almost threw up trying to drink these protein powders. The BOGO is just to get rid of expiring products. Do yourself a major favor- DO NOT buy from this hyped up social media company. The products are absolutely terrible. Customer service is terrible.

Zero stars to infinity

Flat Tummy Tea
Love this product for my lifestyle

I love this product! I wanted a tea that would help not feel bloated, help cleanse, and to keep up with my active lifestyle. I decided to get Flat Tummy after looking at other products and this product does not disappoint. I’m a full-time mom and a full-time employee and it’s challenging to prioritize family and health. This helps with my active lifestyle with trying to be energized and making me feel good throughout the day. I have no regrets getting this product and will continue to use this.

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