How to Tackle Temptations

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Let’s be real. Saying NO to tasty treats is hard. We’re cruising along week 1 of the FT FOUR Flat Tummy Tea detox, feeling flat, staying on track - when suddenly a temptation is staring us right in the face. All it takes is for your “oh so thoughtful” co-worker to bring in a box of donuts and BAM…it’s all down hill from here. 

Relax, it happens to the best of us and we’ve figured out a way to tackle these temptations without depriving ourselves of magnificent things in life such as donuts. We’re all about balance and for those sweet tooth babes out there, we’ve got your back. So put the donut down and get that tea brewing, cause you’re gonna want to read this! 

1. Eat before you go out. 
No one wants to be THAT girl standing by the food table at a party or coming out of the supermarket with half of isle 4 (the confectionary isle) in your trolley. Yep, we’ve all been there #whoops. Whether it’s a friend's baby shower or a day at the mall, if you go anywhere hungry you will probably end up being THAT girl. 

Babes, eating is NOT cheating. We said it. Take the time to prep a good meal before you go anywhere to prevent any temptations. This will keep you on track with your cleanse AND save you from spending money on shitty food.

2. Check the menu.
This ones easy. Put your iPhone to good use and google the menu of the restaurant your hot date (or your best gal) is taking you to. This will give you a chance to practise in the mirror saying NO thank you to the burger and chips with a smile on your face #nailedit.   

We’re all about balance at Flat Tummy HQ. A healthy dinner means you either get to pick a desert to go with it or a few tasty glasses of wine. You should probably only choose one though…which would it be huh? If you do slip up at dinner, don’t worry, we’ll forgive you. Get that Cleanse tea brewing before bed and your tummy will be feeling back to flat in the morning! 

3. Pick the venue.
Not all activities need to include food.. or do they? Fight the urge and pick a fun activity with the girls that’ll keep your mind off eating. We don’t mean starving yourself, but we all know what “quiet” Friday nights at Kylies house leads to… pizzas, wine and a raging hangover the next day. Bloat disaster. 

Rock climbing is always a good idea, why? You can do it no matter what the weather is, cute instructors and lets be real.. you can’t have a donut in one hand and climb with the other… unless your like some crazy climbing pro. Oh and once you hit the top of that wall you’ll be feeling unstoppable ready to own week two of your Flat Tummy Tea detox. 

4. Sharing is not caring. 
Getting a little nerdy here but seriously, studies have shown that women tend to eat more when they're together - quote of the day “I’ll have what she's having”. Bad news ladies, we all have that one friend who lives off junk food and just never seems to bloat #bloatsabitch. 

It’s a habit hard to break but think of it this way.. your gal pal will be struggling to finish her burger while you take the last sip of your veggie juice feeling flat and freaking good. Plus, you’ll never have to share your healthy treats. More for you #winning 

5. Tummy comes first 
Before and afters may sound cringe at first but trust us, this is the best way to help you tackle those tasty temptations. Take a before pic on day 1 of your Flat Tummy Tea detox and stash it away so whenever you’re faced with a cupcake in all its frosty deliciousness, whip out your phone, look at the pic and take a moment to realise how totally kick ass your tummy is looking AND feeling already. 

Whatever the occasion is, we want you to experience what’s happening to the fullest and being in a food coma or looking 5 month prego makes it that difficult. Plus, temptations are pretty easy to tackle when Flat Tummy Tea has your back so no excuses ladies.  


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