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How Sleep Affects A Flat Tummy


A lack of sleep is standing in the way of your flat tummy.

ATTN Sleeping Babes: did you know that fitting more sleep into your schedule could actually help you lose some of those stubborn LBS and help flatten that tummy? Yep, you heard us. Being a babe (especially a Flat Tummy babe) can be tiring… we get it. So we’re pretty much going to tell you why you need to make sure you get enough sleep… and what happens if you don’t.

Studies have shown that the amount of sleep you get can have a pretty serious impact on your weight. And real talk - having a lack of sleep can actually be associated with weight gain. #NOTOK

Babes and Brains

Fact - the brain and the body are super complicated. But what’s super simple? Getting enough sleep. Your body does some crazy sh*t when it’s deprived of sleep. You get what some researchers call “metabolically groggy” which is basically code for: your body doesn’t really know what to do with itself or how to process anything. Insulin, which is what your body uses to change sugar, starches and other fun stuff into energy - pretty much goes cray cray. When you don’t let your body get enough sleep, it stops responding properly to insulin, so instead of converting all those sugars and starches, your body stores that stuff as fat. Which ain’t good if you’re trying to drop those stubborn LBS. It doesn’t mean that you’ll lose weight if you sleep more, but sleeping less, massively impacts your body’s ability to do what it needs to do, which ultimately contributes to weight gain. So whether you’re ending the day with your Shake It Baby or your Flat Tummy Tea, make sure you get whatever you need done and get your a** to bed. Cause babe, that’s an order.

Using Sleep To Get A Flat Stomach


Attack of the Snack

Staying up to stalk your ex boyfriend and the Kardashians on Instagram till 2 o’clock in the morning sets your body up for failure. A lack of sleep basically directly impacts the decision making area of your brain, and SPOILER ALERT BABES - that’s where your self control lives. So when you’re overtired and feeling sluggish and blaaah, your body craves something that’s going to make you feel good (**cue chocolate and chips**). Researchers found that people that were overtired, were way more likely to indulge in late night snacks, and also in snacks that were super high in carbs and fats. Moral of this story? Getting more sleep will lead to fewer late night snack sessions, which will cut out those unnecessary calories that your body doesn’t need.

Snacking can ruin your diet


Hangry Hormones

Let’s be real for a second, your brain needs sleep as much as the body needs water. It’s one of the best (and most important) things you can give it. You’re technically supposed to get 7-8 hours a day….. RIGHT?!! Most babes don’t pay attention to that because (let’s be real) it’s pretty much impossible to get home from work, cook dinner, watch your favourite show, stalk social media and be in bed asleep by 10 o’clock. But babes, we’re about to burst that little bubble and tell you something… you NEED to make it work. Because here’s what happens when you don’t. A lack of sleep directly impacts your hangry hormones, mainly ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin tells your brain when it’s time to eat. When you’re low on sleep, your body makes more of this hormone. More of this hormone = more times that your brain is told to eat. So what’s the solution here? Figure out a new schedule. Leave the phone in the other room and make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time. AKA stop that hangry hormone from coming out to play.

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