Shalonya's Tea & Shake Review

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Meet Shalonya, she’s been feeling and seeing the benefits of our Flat Tummy Tea and Shake programs for the past couple years! Check out what she has to say about her experience.

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I started using {Flat Tummy Co} weight loss protein shake with the tea as well. I’ve been using it almost 2.5 years now and it’s amazing. My lifestyle being a mommy to four beautiful children and a wife to my husband that I just dearly love is the reason why I wanted to do your weight loss program, because we are getting married {in} December of this year. I wanted to lose my weight that I felt self-conscious about and it drop before our special day.

I was still working out at the time when I started using your product twice a day for a whole year. {It} helped me to drop my weight even faster. I was so very blessed with the results and my husband was too.

shalonya before

shalonya after

Shalonya had some advice to offer up for those getting started on their first Flat Tummy Co program! “Everyone that wants to try your product to still stay with it to work out because that’s part of the results, to never give up on it because you don’t see results right away.”

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