Trinity's Flat Tummy Tea Review

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Get ready girls, cause today we’re doing something a little different. 

Trinity is a couple months into her most recent Flat Tummy Tea Detox program, and she’s absolutely crushing it. She’s offered to answer some questions, so that women like YOU, could get an idea of what to expect when adding Flat Tummy to your routine.

Q: Which product did you use and when did you get started with it?

A: I used the 30 day detox tea and I started {back} about 2 months ago.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and why you decided to try Flat Tummy?

I'm a college student who just had a baby, so my time is very very limited these days lol. I decided to start flat tummy tea after losing my baby weight, but was still experiencing bloating.

trinity results

Q: What type of results did you get?

A: I prepped my morning and afternoon tea for the week to make sure I was taking it. Results were easy and fast. I love that I can feel the waste being removed in my tummy. Also loved how the weight stayed off. I started off 200 pounds in March, now I’m 160ish, lost 10 inches from my waist.

Q: What advice would you tell other women thinking about trying Flat Tummy Tea?

My advice would be to keep going! If you miss the morning tea, drink the night tea. If you miss a couple of days, start where you left off. Don't give up, in time results will show.

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