Jovanna's Tea Review

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Jovanna has been a loyal Flat Tummy Tea customer for the past 6 years and today she is sharing her experience, results and advice with us, so you too can start hitting those goals!

"I use the AM Activate and PM Cleanse (teas) and have done so since 2016. I use the Cleanse tea on Wednesday and Sunday and the Activate tea 5 days a week."

"I am on the go a lot and needed something that was mobile. I like the loose tea and the packaging. It was easy for me to take with me, affordable and consistent. It has been a pleasure to watch the company grow."

"When I started using Flat Tummy Tea I weighed 168 lbs, my goal was 140 lbs. I incorporated the AM and PM {teas} into my daily walking and the pounds dropped. I would lose 50 lbs in total and keep the weight off. I have maintained 125-130 for 5 years. I walk 3 miles every other day and drink my Flat Tummy Tea."

tea results

"If you’ve ever wanted to do something for yourself that was life changing, incorporate Flat Tummy Tea into your wellness plan."

If you’re looking to start feeling more energized, be sure to join Jovanna on her Flat Tummy Tea journey here today!

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