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Flat Tummy
Essentials Bundle

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Vegan friendly
Keto friendly
Gluten free
Dairy free
No added sugar
Soy free

We designed our core programs to work together.
Each one has their own unique benefits to help get you real results.*

Flat Tummy Shakes ft. Super CitriMax®

  • Weight loss[1]
  • Appetite control[1]
  • 3x better than diet and exercise alone[1]
  • Probiotics and digestive enzymes

Flat Tummy Tea

  • Reduce bloat*
  • Decrease gas*
  • Helps flush toxins*
  • Trusted for 10 years

[1] A clinical study showed that adults who took Super Citrimax® daily for 8 weeks experienced a reduction in calories and lost more weight with moderate diet and exercise vs. the placebo group (diet and exercise alone).

Bundle contents:

Flat Tummy Co Shakes Weight Management Shakes
Flat Tummy Shakes
20 Servings
Flat Tummy Tea
Four Week Program

Flat Tummy Shakes
Backed by Science

Based on a clinical study, adults who took Super Citrimax® for 8 weeks experienced the below benefits vs. the placebo group (diet and exercise alone).

Weight Loss:
3× more effective than diet and exercise alone
Appetite Control:
25% reduction in daily calorie intake
Garcinia cambogia fruit
- Super CitriMax® is extracted from Garcinia cambogia

Flat Tummy Shakes
Nutrition information

Flat Tummy Shakes

50+ Superfood Blend:

Every delicious flavor of Flat Tummy Shakes includes more than 50 fruit and vegetable extracts. A simple and nutritious way to drink the rainbow.

Plant Based Protein:

Take strides towards your goal weight and fuel your body for the day with help from vegan-friendly protein.

Specialized Enzymes:

Protein can be hard on your digestive system. That's why we use specialized enzymes that help break down protein.

Vitamins & Minerals:

Drink up and promote full body wellness. Every nutritious serving includes 22+ vitamins and minerals.

Flat Tummy Shakes
Standout Ingredients

Super CitriMax®:
Clinically studied and patented ingredient for weight loss and appetite control.

Helps break down proteins for digestive comfort.

A super-finely milled seed resulting in a smoother, non-gritty mouthfeel and quality taste.

Also known as Monk-Fruit, is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener.

Flat Tummy Tea
Trusted for 10 Years

We’ve always said it’s only the best for our squad, which is why we improved our Flat Tummy Tea formula. Same amazing benefits, now USDA Certified Organic. Launched in 2013, and we’ve sold over one million programs and counting.

Reduce bloat*
Cleanse colon*
Decrease gas*
Supplement facts

Activate Tea (am)

Drink every morning before or with breakfast.

  • Infuse 1 tsp of Activate tea with 1 cup (approx. 8 oz) of hot water.
  • Steep for 5-7 minutes, then enjoy!

Supplement Facts

2 week pack: 14 servings per container
Serving Size: 1 tsp (1.48g) (makes 8 oz)

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Proprietary Activate Blend: 1480mg +
Organic Peppermint (leaf), Organic Licorice (root), Organic Dandelion (leaf and root), Organic Lemon Balm (leaf), Organic Cleavers (leaf), Organic Fennel (seed), Organic Green Tea Extract, Organic Caraway (seed), Organic Cardamom (pods).

+Daily Value not established

Cleanse Tea (pm)

Week 1: Drink every other evening before bed.
Week 2+: Drink every third evening before bed.

  • Infuse 1 tsp of Cleanse tea with 1 cup (approx. 8 oz) of hot water.
  • Steep for 3-5 minutes, then enjoy!

Supplement Facts

2 week pack: 6 servings per container
Serving Size: 1 tsp (1.45g) (makes 8 oz)

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Proprietary Cleanse Blend: 1450mg +
Organic Senna (leaf and pods), Organic Peppermint (leaf), Organic Licorice (root), Organic Caraway (seed), Organic Dandelion (root).

+Daily Value not established

Flat Tummy Tea
USDA Certified Organic

Flat Tummy Essentials Bundle
Goal Breakdown

May help*
Flat Tummy Co Shakes Weight Management Shakes
Manage WeightYes
Build MuscleYes
Control AppetiteYes
Feel EnergizedYesYes
Aid DigestionYes
It really works. I've been using the meal replacement shakes for 8 weeks and the teas for 4 weeks plus working out and eating healthy. Great results, and I love this stuff and I will continue to use it :)
- Jessica T.
I was weighing close to 300lbs! I was scrolling down my insta and noticed flat tummy co I followed them and ordered their meal supplement shake. As of today April 13th 2020, I have lost almost 100lbs with exercise and flat tummy co! I 100% recommend! follow me on Instagram to see my journey
- ellaeliantte
I just wanted to say how much I love your shakes and tea! I’ve been taking your products for a month now along with regular exercise. Thank you so much for your amazing products!
- @brittanyemmaholmes
I use the Tea and the Shakes and I love the results so far!
- Natasha B.
Before and after flat tummy tea and meal replacement shakes!
- @beauty_by_angel_susi

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews

Not really a fan of the strawberry flavor. Kind of tastes like a stale burp. I do like the vanilla flavor though!Other than that, it came quickly and unlike many other protein shakes and tea cleanses this one won't make your stomach feel bloated or upset.

Dierdre P.
Strawberry shake

I was excited when my package arrived, but I did not like the shake. It have a nasty powder taste to it and I e tried everything to make it taste good. I’ve tried putting fruits in the blender and mixing it well with almond milk but still the powder taste still didn’t do no justice. I will say I love my cute shake cup I purchased and I will try the tea today. Order came fast and I thank y’all for fast delivery.

Rosslyn R.

I choose this rating because it serve it's purpose


The shakes taste great did not really see any difference after using it for three months plus my exercising on top of everything I was doing so I will move onto something else.


It came quickly and I am loving the product

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I take them at the same time?
Yes. Flat Tummy Tea comes with two blends: Activate and Cleanse. You’ll drink Activate every morning before or with breakfast, then Cleanse on the nights directed on the back of the pack. You’ll also concurrently use the meal replacement shakes as directed on the tub, along with a diet and exercise plan.
What kind of results can I expect?
They’re called the Flat Tummy Essentials for a reason! Flat Tummy Tea should leave you with a flatter-looking tummy, while Flat Tummy Shakes help lose unwanted weight.*[1]
Can I use this with blood pressure meds?
If unsure, we recommend reviewing the ingredients with your doctor.
Do I have to workout?
Your Flat Tummy Essentials Bundle works best with a bit of sweat equity. Download Flat Tummy App for quick and easy equipment-free workouts, or take a quick walk around the neighborhood.