Getting started with more than one product can be a little overwhelming, that’s why we designed our Essentials Bundle as the perfect starting point! While our Detox Tea helps keep the bloat away, our Weight Management Shakes work to help move the stubborn lbs.* We wanted to share with you our daily routine using our Detox Tea and Weight Management shakes, check it out below!


activate tea and mug
Waking up feeling refreshed just isn’t a reality most mornings, BUT our AM Activate Tea has just that in mind with a natural boost to start your day right! After enjoying our cup of tasty, soothing Activate tea, we're ready to take on the day.


Before heading out the door for a busy day we like to set aside 10-15 minutes for a morning wake-up workout! We love pumping out a workout or two from our Flat Tummy Health and Nutrition App. Our App is not only completely FREE but offers you heaps of quick and effective home workouts, for all areas of the body and difficulty levels!
woman with chocolate weight loss shake
Sometimes “lunch hour” looks a little more like a “lunch minute” and time isn’t always on our side. If we’re feeling in a hurry over lunchtime, we like to opt for a tasty protein shake. Mixing 2 scoops of our Weight Management Shake with 10 ounces of cold water makes for a quick lunch treat to kick those cravings until our next meal.* Our shakes are also perfect for taking on the go, with our our pink Shaker Bottle in hand!


After a long day we like to come home to a healthy dinner (with a small treat for dessert - after all we’ve been good all day!). We then like to go out for a post-dinner stroll. Even just a quick 15 minute walk around the neighborhood can help reduce bloat and your overall wellness.


cleanse tea
After our post dinner stroll it's time to brew our cup of Flat Tummy Cleanse Tea, unwind and get ourselves ready to head to bed for our well deserved beauty rest! Making sure we set ourselves up for a restful sleep is super important for both our mental and physical well being.


Now that you’ve got the rundown on how we like to incorporate our Essentials Bundle into a busy day, be sure to grab yours here for 30% OFF!

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