Metabolism Support Iced Tea
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Metabolism Support Iced Tea

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Metabolism Support Iced Tea

Alright, ladies! Our metabolisms aren’t like they used to be and if you’re like us, you could use an extra boost to your workout routine help burn unwanted cals & LBS.* Kickstart your tummy with refreshing AF Metabolism Support Iced Tea. Get flat.* Get refreshed!

Babe Tip: Our Infuser works to keep things hot, buuuut it’ll also work to keep cold things cold. Yep, even iced tea. You’re welcome.


  • Support Metabolism*
  • Support Digestion*
  • Antioxidant Boost*

How it works

We recommend starting every day with a glass of Metabolism Support Iced Tea. This blend is made up of hand-picked ingredients that are packed with antioxidants that work together to kickstart your tummy (including metabolism and digestion*), so you can feel freakin’ fiiine all day*.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Metabolism Support Iced Tea taste like?

Refreshing AF. It has a mild ginger flavor with a hint of citrus, which is the perfect combo when served over ice.

What kind of results can I expect?

It’s designed to boost your metabolism, which when mixed with exercise can help to burn unwanted cals & LBS*. It's also about making sure your tummy is functioning at peak performance and feeling freakin' good.*

How do I make it?

Same way you make a hot tea! Use 1 tsp of the loose leaf blend and about 8 ounces of hot water. Steep for approx 5-7 mins, remove strainer and let it cool in fridge or freeze for a few minutes. Once ready, serve over ice and drink up!

Nutritional Facts

Metabolism Support Iced Tea: Green Tea (leaf), Ginger (root),Green Rooibos (leaf),Peppermint (leaf), Natural Lemon Flavor,Org. Stevia (leaf)

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