Feeling a bit tired this time of year, with little motivation for exercise...same girl! When the days are shorter (and colder), it's easy to feel a lack of energy. Here at Flat Tummy we’ve decided to do a little research into the most effective (and easiest) workouts to help boost your energy, and get you out of that winter funk.


3 Must-Try Exercises to Boost Energy


1.Stretch It Out: 

We all know stretching is great for the body, right? It can soothe stress and promote a calm state. But did you know yoga is a great way to wake yourself up, boost your moods, and help give you a sense of focused alertness. So next time you're feeling unmotivated or tired, try doing a quick full body yoga sesh. It will help clear your head and kick your body into gear for whatever you need to tackle for the day!    

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2. Jump Around:

Listen, we know this may be the last thing you feel like doing when you're already feeling tired. Just hear us out, even 30 seconds of jumping jacks (or jump rope if you have one), not only helps to wake you up, it increases your heart rate and improves your cardiovascular system. It will also help tighten your core and tone those calves…win, win! Bottom line: do those daily jumping jacks.

 3 Must-Try Exercises to Boost Energy 

3. A Brisk Walk:

Yes, it can be chilly outside this time of year, limiting us to those quick runs from our car to the house. The point is, we're not telling you to take on a 5K walk (we won't be), but even walking for 5-10 minutes can help improve muscle endurance, increase energy levels, and improve your mood. So put down that third cup of coffee and take a quick walk to boost your energy and mood! 

Next time you need a pick-me-up, try any of these three quick exercises and start boosting your energy. Looking for more to keep you motivated and on track download our FREE Flat Tummy Workout App to get in a quick 15 minute flat belly workout!





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