Working Out With a Hangover Made Easy(ish).

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Don't pretend you don't know what we're talking about. We have all been there. Unfortunately curling up on the couch and wishing the day would end doesn't actually make you feel better (ok.. maybe a little). Lucky for us, Alexandra Tunell from has got the word on how to workout with a hangover.  Think we are going to have to give this one a try.. 

You went out, drank too much champagne and are paying for it with a splitting headache. We feel for you. Now here's the plan: Get up, grab some water and put on your running shoes. Yes, really (if only for the satisfaction you'll get from telling your friends you worked out after staying up until four in the morning). Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT InMotion, shares her tips for exercising with a hangover.

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1) Supercharge your water. Add an alkalizing tab to your water, or put a bottle of RESQWATER in your fridge the night before. The anti-hangover drink has B vitamins, organic fruit extract and milk thistle to help metabolize the chemical compounds that make you feel sick.

2) Not all workouts are created equal. Kaiser warns against CrossFit, boxing and running on the treadmill, all of which can be dangerous when your focus isn't as sharp, but also workouts, like yoga, that might put you to sleep. "Instead, head to one that encourages sweat and that's fun. You'll be surprised by how much better and more focused you feel after sweating out the toxins and getting your heart rate revved" she says. Your best bet classes: dance, swimming and interval training (Kaiser's Happy Hour workout blends cardio, strength and flexibility).

3) Stay home. And do these three moves:

Heel Clicks: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder distance apart, bend your knees parallel, then jump up into the air and click your heels. Land on the ground with your feet parallel and bent knees. Now, turn your feet out in a second position plié (keeping the knees deeply bent the whole time), then turn them back to parallel. Repeat 10 times.

Skater: Start in full plank position, balancing on your palms and toes. Step your left foot out to the left, planting it firmly on the ground with your knee bent. Then thread the right leg under the left, bringing it forward to tap the ground as you get into a modified side plank position. While balancing your body weight between your right hand and left leg, lift your hips and squeeze your left glute while extending your left hand up. Bring the left elbow and right knee toward each other as you hinge at the waist into a tuck position. Return to modified side plank position and repeat, alternating between modified side plank and tuck. Do 10 reps, then switch sides and repeat.

Jump Twist: Stand with you feet together, hands in fists at the chest and elbows out. Jump as high as you can, twisting your hips to the left and your upper body to the right. Land and quickly repeat on the opposite side for one rep. Do eight reps.

Written by: Alexandra Tunell

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