A sober month actually feels (mostly) pretty good!

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Hangovers, breakouts, drunk-texts and a whopping Maccas bill?

Ok, we admit that occasionally we like to have a few too many wines which may lead to certain regrettable circumstances, but come on who doesn’t? We’re real girls and seeing as we’re admitting to this, here is why skipping those cocktails can also be pretty damn awesome. 

A sober month actually feels (mostly) pretty good!

When you’re sick of the party you can just get in your car and drive home. Easy. No waiting in a taxi queue with a bunch of wasted girls holding their heels, no waiting around awkwardly while your friend flirts with some dude and no waiting in the cold, freezing your butt off. Goodbye waiting, hello bed.

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Your skin will be glowing on the reg (not just during Dry July). Alcohol’s dehydrating properties make your skin gross, dull and nasty-looking the next day. Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Cut back on the weekend drinks, switch to some Flat Tummy Tea and you’ll be looking like the next best thing in no time. #iwokeuplikethis

Your weekend is not completely wasted, because you didn't get wasted. 
This means no hangover, no sleeping in until 3pm and no feeling shitty from binging on junk food while watching Beverly Hills 90210 marathons. 
More like, yes to early starts with our AM Activate Tea, yes to weekend workouts and yes to feeling friken awesome. Boom!

Health kick
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You’ll have all this extra money to spend on shoes. Brunch, lunch, dinner and all those nights out in between will be waaaay cheaper once you remove four $18 cocktails from your portion of the bill. Whoops! 

You won’t make a fool of yourself on a first date: Ok, a Sauv Blanc helps ease those pre-date nerves, but cross the line into sloppy territory and that date will never end the way you hoped it would. Dazzle him with your real personality before you show him what a crazy (but loveable) drunk you are.

Drunk texting is a concern of the past. This ones short and sweet for a reason. Yep, we've all been there and we all know it is the worst thing ever.. 

Now it’s time for you to start admitting! We bet you can relate to at least 1 of the reasons we just stated about sobriety being awesome. We say next Flat Tummy Tea cleanse, jump on the sobriety bandwagon and see how freaking good you feel. 

So are you in? Magdalena. 

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