The number one time bloat is a bitch: That time of the month

Posted by Adrian Ryan on

Whether it's calling in sick, eating half a tub of Nutella (don’t judge) or having a hissy fit over the volcanic zit on your chin, it all comes back to your period. No, but really, is someone actually punching you in the stomach from the inside? Because that’s what it feels like. 

Our advice:
If you are bound to your bed rocking back and forth in the fetal position, get up and get moving. Unfortunately you can’t exercise your period away but Pilates and yoga are amazing to get you back to relax mode. Sounds kinda boring, but when all hell has broken loose, the “downwards dog” position seems like heaven on earth. 

It’s hard, we know. But avoid temptations with your Flat Tummy Tea detox. The sweet flavour of natural goodness will feel like a treat plus you’ll be beating bloat at the same time. #winning

Period bloat
Image credit - Kirsty Godso and Natalie Roser


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