4 Reasons Your Cravings Are Winning

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Giving into those junky food cravings is something we all struggle with. Staying strong and saying no can be almost impossible, BUT did you also know that there are certain external factors that can cause us to give in more easily and often? Today we’re here to share these with you, so put down that chocolate bar and keep reading! 


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1. Letting Stress Win

We’ve all been there, stress eating and not even realizing it until we’re down a whole bag of chips (don’t worry us too). It’s almost inevitable that when we’re feeling the pressure from everyday stressors, an easy and quick solution is to grab that comfort food and eat until it’s gone. Yet we all know this is a temporary fix and will make us feel even worse later. Instead it’s best to try and minimize and manage those everyday stressors. Our Ashwagandha Flat Tummy Gummies were designed to help with this, as well as help fight feelings of fatigue and boost natural energy levels!*


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2. Missing Out on That H²O

Sometimes the brain can confuse thirst with hunger, which is why ensuring your body is properly hydrated throughout the day is so important! One way we like to get our hydration up is starting the day with a cup of soothing Activate Tea, followed by a full glass of water. Don’t forget to repeat those glasses of water throughout the day, we like to have 6-8 glasses daily!


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3. Not Getting Enough Z's (Sleep)

Missing out on crucial sleep time can throw off your body’s hormone balance, which can then cause overeating to compensate. We understand that busy schedules, stress and other factors can cause a good night's sleep to become less of a priority, though it’s super important you are giving your body what it needs. Our Ashwagandha Gummies come in handy to help your body increase its natural energy levels during the day and helps you relax at night to get a good nights sleep.*


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4. You May Need a Protein Boost

Ensuring your body is getting the amount of protein it needs can help significantly with those mid-meal cravings, by keeping your body full longer. Replacing unhealthy empty calorie meals with protein packed options will help those mid night snacking trips become a thing of the past. Our Flat Tummy Shakes are a tasty, easy and convenient way to fuel your body with 20 grams of plant-based protein per serve, along with 50+ fruits & veggies, 22+ vitamins and minerals and so much more! Our dairy-free protein, meal replacement shake was designed to help you kick cravings, move stubborn LBS, and control appetite.*


When your body and mind are getting the relaxation, sleep, hydration, and protein it needs, your body will be less tempted to give into those tempting treats. Be sure you’re treating your body right so you can stay on track crushing those health goals!

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