We’ve made a slight change to the shape of our pops and guess what? You now get a little more pop with each lollipop. We’ve also upgraded our packaging, so you can still grab and go (pro tip: throw some in your purse for snacking emergencies).


lollipop flavors

Our Lollipops come in 4 assorted natural flavors: Berry; Grape; Yellow Apple; and Watermelon. You won’t be able to pick a fav with these delicious flavor options. 

Don’t worry, our NEW Lollipops still work to help you stay on track with your meal plan, with clinically studied ingredient Satiereal®. Findings in a blind test with Satiereal® showed those outside of the placebo group felt significantly more full, snacked less frequently and lost more weight, using Satiereal®.*

If you haven’t grabbed a bag (or several), what are you waiting for?! 

4 lollipop flavors


Jade Gardner Said: I have been using these for about two weeks now. It was hard at the start getting into the routine, I was eating two a day for a couple of days with a not so healthy snack and a healthy dinner. Now in the second week that I am used to the routine, I eat a 70 calorie fiber bar and one of these lollipops in the morning and that keeps me full until dinner. At the start of the 2nd week I had lost 2lbs, at the end of the 2nd week I have lost 5 lbs and the weight seems to be just dropping off!!!! These are AMAZING ❤️ I just ordered another 4 weeks supply because I know these will help me reach my goal to lose another 18 lbs. You want to cut some pounds and teach your body not to snack? This is the answer!!!

Jasmine Mehic Said: The best and easy and lovely The lollipop is my favorite I recommend it to all my friends and family

Marianne Moorer Said: These are so good and they really work.
Regina Moore Said: Glad they’re {back}. Best on the market for appetite suppression.

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