Importance of a Healthy Mind & Body

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Ok, we're gonna give it to you straight up. Obviously getting your tummy toned and tight is freakin’ great, but it’s equally as important to support your overall mental performance. This is the key to making sure you’re giving 100% (both mentally and physically) into everything you do.

With that in mind, we released Flat Tummy Mental Performance. It’s a daily supplement that helps our boss babes get sh*t done - because let’s be serious, if your mental performance isn’t running at 100%, your body isn’t getting everything it needs to crush your goals.

So, you’re probably wondering what this Performance Supplement is all about?

Have you ever found yourself simply forgetting to grab your Flat Tummy Shake in the AM, or blanking and leaving your workout gear at home (and not just low-key on purpose, just so you have an excuse not to go to the gym after work)? Well, here’s the deal. Memory function is crucial in your day-to-day routine, and if you’re not functioning at peak mental performance it’s reallllly freakin’ tough to stay on track! Luckily, one of the things our Performance Supplement enhances is memory* - so our boss babes are wayyy less forgetful and totally keep their eye on the prize!

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Another thing our Mental Performance helps with is your mood!* Having a positive attitude throughout the day is pretty important (for yourself AND others around you). So, being able to boost your mood with just 2x capsules a day is key. We don’t want our babes being cranky - nobody’s got time for that! Oh, and did we mention our ingredient L-Glutamine also helps with stress levels?!*

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And it doesn’t stop there, because what’s more important than getting things crossed off your to-do list? Not much. So along with memory and mood, it helps to improve your focus* to stay on track! AKA help you totally stay in the zone and continue crushing your new year, new tummy resolutions. Talk about a win-win-win.

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We understand how important it is for you to be functioning at top mental performance - Click HERE to get started with 8 weeks of Mental Performance.

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