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Hey everyone!

I’m Laura, and I grabbed the new 7 Day Challenge: Core on the first day it was released and HAD to share my results and tell you guys what I thought.

So let me start by saying I absolutely LOOVE summertime, and I can’t wait to be out in the warmth again... but I haven’t been feeling too confident with the few extra lbs I’ve put on over the winter! I’m always thankful for my high waisted jeans that I get to wear all winter long, BUT I’d look pretty weird wearing those to the beach in a few months! So, I decided I needed to mix things up a bit and I grabbed the NEW Flat Tummy Challenge: Core and a two week tub of the Chocolate Shakes!

Flat Tummy Shakes

I’ve always had really weak core muscles (I’ve actually questioned if I even have core muscles LOL). And I also find a lot of exercises end up hurting my back because I can’t do them properly. But the exercises in this challenge were manageable for me and easy to figure out what to do (I also googled some tips for form). It’s definitely good for beginners, and if you’re a little more fit than I am, you can easily make it more difficult by adding in some weights. The elbow plank with the knee drive was the one that really got my core muscles burning - but it’s worth it!

Along with doing the workouts, I swapped my breakfast each morning with the Chocolate Shakes (so yum!). If I’m in a rush I mix it with just water in my shaker bottle, but my favorite recipe is to throw them in the blender with a banana and a small scoop of peanut butter to make myself feel like I’m having a treat!

Shake ideas

You can see my before and after pics below (and remember, this is after only 7 days!). I’m already getting closer to fitting back into some of those old jeans that I’ve been hanging onto even though I can’t do them up - and feeling a little more confident in my bathing suit.

I’m definitely going to be keeping up with the exercises in this challenge past the 7 days because I still have lots of work to do but I’m def loving my results so far! But if you want to get started on your Core Challenge, click here!

Before and After



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