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Lollipop review, Appetite Suppressant Lollipops

Hey, I’m Emma! I was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on Flat Tummy’s new Appetite Suppressant Lollipops before they officially launched. And girllll lemme tell you.. I’m so glad I got the chance too! Cause something you should probably know about me is, I work weird hours. I come in the office for 1pm and get off at 9:30, though sometimes I’m getting off closer to 10. So by that time I should be ready to hit the hay, all I want to do is basically eat every type of food in the cupboards!

And since I usually don’t eat breakfast (I know, I know), it means I tend to snack during the day…. A LOT. But in the evenings my cravings get even worseeee… as if, right?! So I was pretty freaking excited when I heard about these new Lollipops. And if I’m being honest, since I started using them, I feel like I’m in control of my appetite, AND my cravings. Which ladies, as you know - isn’t so easy to do. Normally it takes one pop to keep me in check, but on those #ToughDays, I'll reach for a second one. The flavors are all delicious, and they honestly taste no different than a normal lollipop. It’s mind blowing.

Sooo obviously I read up on the pops, because I still can’t believe that something as simple as a lollipop is helping to control my appetite. Turns out, it has the active ingredient SATIEREAL (which comes from a natural plant) which works to keep your hunger under control. So it’s definitely helping me say no to junk foods, and keeping my calorie intake low #winning. Oh yeah, cause did I mention, there’s only 35 calories per pop!? I know… amazing!

Thanks Flat Tummy for helping me get back to flat justttt in time for summer!


Lollipops results, Appetite Suppressant Lollipops

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  • I received my shake on Sunday and I started making my shakes on Monday and I’m telling you it’s only day two but it’s amazing It’s so filling and because of that I’m not hungry I have a shake for breakfast and then another for lunch then I have dinner I’m really happy with this product I have to get the other products that goes along with the shake sincerely

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