How to stay on track when traveling

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Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising can be difficult, especially when jet lag is involved. Whether it was for business, leisure, or visiting family, we’ve all struggled to stay on track while traveling. Here are a few tips we’ve found especially helpful!

How to stay on track when traveling

Tip 1: Maintain your morning routine

Make sure to set your alarm the night before so you're able to get yourself moving... trust us, you'll feel more awake, refreshed and less rushed. Our morning routine looks a little like this: Shower, skincare, and enjoy a cup of tea. 

How to stay on track when traveling

Tip 2: Try to stay active

Finding little pockets in the day to stretch, walk, or do a 15-minute yoga class will help keep your body feeling good. For easy home workouts we like to use our Flat Tummy Workout App, bonus it's completely FREE!

How to stay on track when traveling

Tip 3: Eat some fiber

When you're away from home, your digestive system can react to the change in routine. We like to pack our Vegan Protein Shakes, which contain fiber to help keep our digestion moving, plus a unique blend of fruits and vegetables in each serving.

How to stay on track when traveling 

Tip 4: Pack your gummies

There are so many benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar! We always keep ours in a tasty gummy form on hand, especially when traveling, for better digestion. Taking two of these detox gummies to support gut health!

Make sure to follow these tips next time you travel to help you stay on track! 



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