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Hey Ladies, my name is Nicole and I’m going to tell you a little about my journey with the Flat Tummy Co! Around November I decided I needed to make some lifestyle changes (interesting decision right before the holidays… I know), but I was rockin’ a pants size 22 and I knew I needed a little boost to get back on track - bring on the Flat Tummy Shakes! Compared to other programs I’ve tried before, this one was actually super easy.

While drinking my first rounds of Shakes, I went to yoga a few times a week, I enjoyed a beer or two after work on Fridays, annnnd I participated in the occasional burger outing (because why not?!). But the craziest thing was that I actually went down a whole pants size after finishing that program. It was almost like that was the push I needed to kickstart my comeback.

Fast forward to just four weeks ago, I was sooo excited about the progress the first round of shakes helped me get, that I decided to try the bundle! I kid you not, my results were unbelievable. In the last four weeks, the tea worked to keep me regular and bloat free, the shakes kept me feeling full and satisfied in the AM, and the lollipops worked to hold me over in between my meals.


I’m finally feeling/looking my absolutely best (just check out my after shot)! In the before shot my leggings wouldn't even roll all the way up and now they're a perfect fit! Thanks, FTCo.

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  • wow she looks great

    tsakani on

  • Wow congrats Nicole! You look amazing. I just received my bundle 2 weeks ago, yes I’ve seen a difference on my tummy after having my third baby a year ago, just couldn’t get that baby pooch off . So far I love this product it is easy .

    Maria Rodriguez on

  • I’ll be starting my journey soon. Excited and afraid because I’ve tried so many times and nothing seems to work. Fingers crossed. I did try the lollipops as a in between snack. I like those

    Sherline on

  • I read your review. And I am no convinced! I will be buying this product to help me with my journey. Thanks Nicole

    Jessica on

  • Thats so awedome Nicole. What an inspiration!!!

    Cynthia M. Rodriquez on

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