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You won’t believe how many fruits, veggies, vitamins, AND minerals we’ve managed to squeeze into our shakes - along with 20 grams of plant based protein! Not only do they taste delicious, but our shakes help to kick those junky cravings, control your appetite, and move some of the stubborn lbs in your tummy. Check out some of the specific ways you’re benefiting from our nutrient dense Flat Tummy Shakes

Mixed Vegetables

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, variety is just as important as the quantity you fuel your body with. This is why dieticians recommend a colorful diet; the more colors the better! Our shakes provide just that - a HUGE colorful variety to ensure you’re getting all those important health benefits! 

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Let’s break it down a little - giving a shoutout to our top 5 fruits & veggies you can find in each of our Flat Tummy Shakes!

Fruits & Veggies

  • Spinach: Popeye had the right idea with his daily can of spinach AND we’ve got you covered for yours! This leafy green accounts for 56% of your daily vitamin A and entire vitamin K requirement. It also contains vitamins C, B, and folic acid. It’s low in cals, while loaded with heaps of antioxidants, to help reduce the risk of chronic disease. Spinach is also high in protein, making it a vegan’s go to!
  • Carrots: We all know carrots are known for their help with our eyesight - this is due to the high amount of vitamin A they’re packed with! They also contain beta-carotene, which helps with cancer prevention. Carrots are also packed with vitamin C, K and potassium. 
  • Orange: Oranges provide amazing health benefits from the inside and out! They’re of course packed with vitamin C - but did you know vitamin C also helps with skin health? This powerhouse vitamin contributes to collagen production to help your skin stay fresh and young. Oranges are high in fibre with a low calorie and no sodium - which helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Kale: Kale Yeah! Much like spinach kale is nutrient dense and high in antioxidants, a great combo for good heart health! It’s a cruciferous vegetable, same as broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and bok choy - which are also packed into our shakes! Kale is high in vitamin A, B, K and calcium, which helps to decrease blood pressure and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are in check it helps avoid those dreaded sugar spikes, which in turn help to kick those cravings in between meals!. 
  • Pumpkin: First off, did you know that pumpkins are technically a fruit and not a vegetable - now you do! Our fav fall fruit is rich in vitamin A, C and E, while low in calories and packed with tons of vitamins and nutrients. Pumpkins are high in beta-carotene, to help you maintain that 20/20 vision. Pumpkins are also key to maintaining a healthy gut and to ease with digestion.


Vitamins and minerals are essential for our overall health and happiness! We’ve taken a little dive into the benefits of these (22 vitamins and minerals) in our daily meal replacement shakes - check it out below!


  • Skin Health: Ensuring you’re getting enough vitamin A and E helps to promote healthy skin and reduces the chances of acne flare ups.
  • Immune Health: Keeping up with a healthy gut comes with making sure you’re getting enough vitamin D in your diet. Our shakes contain 50% of your daily requirement! 
  • Preventing Chronic Disease: Vitamins A and C contribute to preventing chronic diseases. Each of our shakes contain 35% of your daily vitamin A requirement and 40% of your daily vitamin C requirement.
  • Helps Lowers Blood Pressure: Vitamins A, and B6 are key in keeping that blood pressure from rising. Vitamin B6, 100% of which is provided in each of our shakes, helps to promote a good mood and relieve stress and anxiety. 



  • Calcium: helps promote healthy and strong bones
  • Potassium: helps lower blood pressure as well as relieve stress and anxiety
  • Iron: help ensure a healthy immune system digestion and energy
  • Biotin: helps thicken hair, strengthens nails,  promotes healthy skin
  • Niacin: helps to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease
  • Riboflavin: helps your body breakdown carbs, proteins and fats - turning them into energy

We’ve packed our shakes with 2 healthy plant based proteins to ensure all our babes (vegetarians, vegans alike) are able to get shakin’ it up with us! These 2 proteins offer 20 grams of protein in each shake serving. Check them and their benefits out here below:


Pea Protein Isolate: Derived from yellow peas, processed using a cold-water filtration, reduces almost all the starch and fibre content that the pea naturally contains. Pea Protein Isolate helps keep your bones healthy and strong. In addition to being vegan it’s also gluten-free, soy-free, and hypoallergenic. 


Brown Rice Protein: As with Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein is easily digestible for a faster protein absorption. It contains a high amount of essential amino acids, which help with muscle growth and recovery - perfect for those extra long workouts! It also helps to reduce cholesterol, maintain blood sugar levels, and improves liver function. It’s a win, win, win! 


Hard to believe all those benefits are jam packed into each one of our Flat Tummy Shakes! We know it can be almost impossible to make sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients in your day - which is why our shakes are sooo convenient. With a combination of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals AND proteins this strong moving those stubborn extra lbs has never been easier, babe! Kick those late night cravings and help control your appetite by ordering your shakes now and get shakin’ it up for your better health!


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