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If you don’t know who Serena Williams is then we can’t be friends, jokes. But seriously…not only does this 6 time Wimbledon champion kick major ass on the tennis court, she is also dominating the business world with her passion for sport, fashion and empowering women throughout her career off the court.

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Why we love her ON the court...

Like most female sports stars.. actually, let me start that again. Like most females in this world, we’ve all experienced some sort of body or self image criticism at least once in our lives. It’s not nice, it’s not fun, and it sure as hell doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves. But it’s women like Serena that are on a mission to change society’s idea of what is beautiful. 

Serena is our kind of girl because she totally doesn’t give a (shit) about what other people say about her figure. She stands up for girls everywhere and answers questions that some of us couldn’t even dream of answering like why her body doesn’t fit into society’s idea of femininity and beauty. Pfffft, whatevz… it’s no secret Serena exercises regularly (being an athlete and all) and eats well. That’s enough motivation for you to get your butts off the couch and get active. 

Through all the critiscim and body shaming, Serena has managed to look the other way and rock her bod in some of the coolest outfits in the history of tennis. Teaming up with mega brand Nike she’s always looking super confident and strutting her stuff on the court. 
Last but not least, she’s got that sisterly lurrrv. We’re all about having each others backs at Flat Tummy Tea and Serena has this big time with sister Venus. It might not seem like theres much love when they play against each other but when it comes to doubles… #watchout!

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Why we love her OFF the court...

Yes, she may have a reputation for being a fierce babe on the court (which we totally dig) but what many fans don’t see is what’s beyond that fierceness. Serena spreads her love and service in supporting various charities like UNICEF, Work in Africa and I Heart My Girlfriends foundation founded by Kelly Rowland. Talk about girl power! #killingit. 

Serena has also recently worked on a collaboration with Berlei starting up a sports bra line to support babes of all shapes and sizes. She’s definitely aced mastering the bounce (pun intended) where she has actually started a Master of Bounce campaign educating women on the importance of wearing the right bra for their size and sport! Chuck in a pack of Flat Tummy Tea and we’ve got both bloat and boobs sorted for life. 

Take one look at Serena’s Instagram or website and you will feel the embody of style, power, beauty and courage throughout it. She’s a real girl and loves a good selfie just like us! Oh and did we mention that she’s totally gal pals with some of the coolest celebs out, including Kim K #winning. 
Game, Set and Match to Serena Williams. 

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