So you've been hearing about Flat Tummy Tea, and you’re not totally sure what exactly everyone’s talking about - we get it. Our Flat Tummy Tea is 100% natural, as well as super easy, safe and gentle to use.

We’re gonna give you the inside scoop with all the answers you wanna know! 

What does it do?

Flat Tummy Tea comes in either a 2 or 4 week program and they both include 2 steps: AM Activate and PM Cleanse.

Activate Tea works to reduce bloat, boost energy, support metabolism and help maintain a healthy immune system. While the Cleanse Tea works to detoxify your system, reduce bloat, decrease your water retention and cleanse your digestive system.

Our program has a very gentle cleansing effect, which is an essential part of the detoxification process. But most girls find that even at the maximum infusion time it doesn’t have them running to the bathroom.

How does it work?

Our Activate tea has 9 natural ingredients to help support your metabolism, give an antioxidant energy kick and get your digestion ready to start the day on an all natural high.

ingredients in flat tummy activate tea

Our Cleanse tea works to help detox your intestinal tract free of built up toxins. It’s 7 natural ingredients work together to help get (and keep) your tummy flat. It contains a natural, gentle herb that has a mild cleansing effect, so we recommend starting with a shorter infusion time and work out what's best for your body.

ingredients in flat tummy cleanse tea

When do you drink it?

Activate Tea is a once a day tea for the length of the program. Cleanse Tea is used every second day for the first week, and every third day after that.

Wanna be totally sure you’re on track? Check out our calendar below to help guide you through your program.

Not sure where to start?

Since our 2 and 4 week programs come with the same blends, our girls typically get started with our Beat the Bloat Bundle (and they save 20%!). It includes 4 week Tea and our Infuser. It's double the length, and generally our girls see better (and longer lasting) results!

flat tummy tea drink schedule

So, ready to get your tummy back on track and kick bloat? Click here to get started! If you have any questions, shoot off an email to our Customer Experience team below and they’ll get back to you ASAP!



  • Ive used the tea and i feel a difference! I love a good detox , it dont have you running to the bathroom, using the cleanse before bed is great, by the time im getting up i release my build up.

    Miesha B. on

  • I have been using this tea for a week and it is really effective. Try using it!

    Richelle on

  • Tea its help cleansing ur digestive system

    Lady Diane Gabriel on

  • I have been trying this tea for over 2 weeks and my overall health feels better as well as my stomach! I highly recommended this product.

    Zayra on

  • I would ideas and recipes on ft shakes

    Kathy on

  • Okay this is good one

    Omowabi rukayat Bukola on

  • My daughter shared some of package with me. I love it.

    Andrea Street on

  • The calendar is really helpful.

    Franchesta on

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