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Hey, I’m Faith!

I’m here to tell you a little bit about my Flat Tummy Tea journey, but first let me tell you a little bit about myself. So, I have always been one to have my weight fluctuate up-and-down in size. One minute I’ll feel bloated, the next minute I feel snatched. That may have resulted from my bad eating habits and slacking on my exercises or as I like to call it “Operation Fine AF” because who really likes hearing the word “exercise” LOL. I have been at a good size before and wanted to get back to that stage in my life. So with that I knew I needed to get back on my exercises to see some good results along with trying some new things.

In January 2019, (like most people) I decided that something needed to change, and I set a resolution to get back in shape. I wanted to start the New Year right so I began my exercise plan and started working out at least five days a week. I began to see some results, but for some reason I was still bloated. I figured it had to do with my eating habits (I love pizza, fried foods, sweets etc) so with that I cut back on certain foods to see if that would help give me better results, but I still wasn’t satisfied.

Then February came around and I had seen Flat Tummy Tea all over IG, so that made me want to try it. I was a little nervous to try it, not knowing how the tea would work with my body. I had seen plenty reviews on the product, and also a few YouTube videos with people who had great results. So I was like “Why not? Let me see how this works”. I ordered the two week Flat Tummy Tea just to try it out.

Every morning I would make the Activate for breakfast along with eating a granola bar, banana, or yogurt. I also put 1 tsp of Activate into my reusable K-Cup. I am not really a tea person, but the taste of the Activate was actually pretty good. I then drank the Cleanse every other evening before bed. I also started drinking a lot of water (which was difficult for me because I love juices thank goodness for the water flavor packets LOL), tried to eat healthy at least three times a week, and exercised to see how it would affect my results. By Day 7 I begin my stomach was less bloated and I felt more energized. This is what I love the most about Flat Tummy Tea.

Flat Tummy Tea

Once Week 2 came I could not wait to see more results. I continued to drink the Activate every morning as usual with breakfast, then the Cleanse every third night before bed. I tell you, the taste is amazing! By the end of Week 2 my stomach was less bloated, my energy levels where higher, and I felt like a new woman. Along with drinking my water, and my “Operation Fine AF” exercise plan, Flat Tummy Tea has helped me see GREAT, FAST results. I feel GREAT, I look GREAT, and I’m loving my results. BYE BLOATING... My stomach on FLAT FLAT! I would definitely recommend Flat Tummy Tea to everyone! I cannot wait to try the other products!

-Faith D. Robinson

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  • Awesome results!! Great job!

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  • You look great, I’m almost done with my 1st week!

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