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If you think you’re getting out of your New Year, New Tummy resolution after two-weeks, think again, babe. We did our research and generally most people cave on their resolutions in less than a month. Well, not this year. We already helped you start 2018 with a BANG with our Shake It Baby and Flat Tummy Tea programs. Buuuut we know some of you need a bit more motivation. That’s why we’re hitting you up with our six ways to stay motivated!


1. Write down your goal(s) - Before you start anything, what is it you want to accomplish? What’re the 3 things motivating you to make this your goal? Once you’ve thought of those, you can make a plan for how you’re going to get there. You’ll be able to look at these when you’re having an off day, and remind yourself exactly why you’re doing this.


2. Take before photos - Nobody else has to see these except you and trust us, they can be very motivating! Small changes are hard to notice overtime, but they are happening. Our babe took a before photo and one at her 3 weeks mark for her Shake It Baby program. Since there’s a before photo to compare to, you can see just how far she’s come in a super short period!


3. Set reminders on your phone - We’re talking about simpler things. Like reminders that go off every hour saying “Drink Up” (..water, not wine). Or daily challenge, like going a day without coffee / go outside for 30 minutes. You basically set yourself up to accomplish a goal everyday and that feels pretty freaking good. And don’t forget to set your reminder to drink your Flat Tummy Tea.


4. Tell-A-Babe - Because honestly ladies, some days you’re just gonna wanna do nothing and you can’t quite find that bit of motivation (no matter how hard you try). Chances are, the babe you partnered up with, is feelin’ motivated. And she’s gonna drag you off your butt, and help you get sh*t done.


5. Treat yo’self - We’re all about balance. So if you had a killer week or even a killer day, h*ll yeah you can grab a treat. Just don’t undo alllll the hard work you just put in. And hey, you can always pair it with a glass of water so they basically cancel themselves out. Right? Whatever, we got Flat Tummy Cleanse for that anyways.


6. The secret weapon. - Because we like to treat ourselves on more occasions than we should... you know we gotta have our Shake It Baby shakes to kick start each week right. Nothing’s more de-motivating than feeling like crap after the weekend, just because we had a few #whoops moments.


So there ya have it, ladies. Six ways Flat Tummy HQ stays motivated, and you will too! What’re you waiting for?! Grab a pen, grab a piece of paper and get going.

2018 is our damn year.


  • I’m starting my program and I have no babes to partner up with. I live in Chicago if anyone need a partner like I do. Please help lbvs.

    Adrianna Butler on

  • Starting my program tomorrow! So excited!

    Tina Williams on

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