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Halloween Candy

We get it. Keeping those sugar cravings under control is never easy, especially with leftover treats laying around. So, we put together three ways to help you (and us) kick the candy cravings and stay on track - so go on, take a look and get started!

1. First things first, get rid of it (and no we don’t mean eat it). Put your leftover candy into treat bags and give it out to your friends or co-workers. Not only will they be pumped, but your tummy will thank you.

Candy Ideas

2. When you go shopping, bring a list so you can stick to what you need. And let’s be real, there’s no point in torturing yourself… so avoid the discounted candy aisle. If you absolutely have to walk past it  - make sure you bring a flat tummy lollipop as backup, like our babe below.

Flat Tummy Lollipops

3. If you give in and buy the leftover candy anyways? Welllll, we don’t really blame you. But, make sure you earn it. Rather than scrolling through your phone during commercial breaks, use those 3-4 minutes for workout reps. Do squats during the first commercial, a wall sit for the next commercial, tricep dips for the next one and so on. Trust us, you definitely won’t be feeling as sluggish tomorrow even after a few treats.

Wall workouts

We know it doesn’t seem super easy babe, but you got this! And let’s be real, if you need some serious backup against those cravings, we’ve got just the thing. Our Appetite Control Bundle will keep you in-check 24/7 annnnd you’ll save 20%!

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