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5 Snack Hacks to Help Kick Those Cravings. 

Babe, we get it. Once you go for the snacks you can never go back. Yeah, one cookie can’t hurt. But the 5 more that you eat after the first one maaaaaay hurt a little. The attack of the snack is brutal. So we’ve come up with 5 snack hacks to help you stay on track and steer you away from those 11pm cravings that you tell yourself you need. Because let’s be real… you really don’t.

1. Almond Butter 

It’s like peanut butter… but better. Trust us, this stuff is the bomb. It basically tastes like a slightly healthier version of peanut butter AND it’s better for you. You can have it on your oats in the morning (along with your Activate), on a banana as a mid morning snack or on some celery in the afternoon if you’re feeling peckish. It’s basically got all the good stuff. It’s high in protein and iron and also has some vital sugars that give you that little kick of energy when you just freaking need it. It’s also pretty low on the calorie front. Don’t go over doing it with 5 tablespoons, but a heaped teaspoon with any of the above add ons is the perfect boost you need when those sugar snack cravings kick in. So put the chocolate down, and get that almond butter going!

almond butter

2. Berries

Oh yeah, berries are your new bff. You might be a strawberry loving babe, or you might like the raspberries. Every babe has a preference. But our personal fav has to be blueberries. If you’re like us, and sometimes find yourself half an arm deep in the chip packet, blueberries are a good replacement if you want to eat a lot of something. They’re super calorie-friendly, and they give you that consistent burst of energy so you don’t go spiking and crashing throughout the day. Oh yeah, and if you’re the kind of babe that doesn’t like to drink a crazy amount of water, then you definitely need to get on this, because blueberries are also like 80% water so they’re super hydrating as well. So when you feel like munching on something and your head is telling you to go for the chips… shut that down and head to the fridge and grab some berries. You’ll thank us later.

berry recipes

3. Water

The truth is babes, usually when you get that rumble in your tummy…. it actually means you’re thirsty, not hungry. You can often confuse yourself with this one and it’s most likely the reason you find yourself craving the afternoon snacks that once you start eating, you can’t seem to stop. So the best thing you can do when those cravings hit, is to have a big glass of water, wait 20 minutes and then re-assess if you’re still hungry. Normally you’ll find that desparate need for food actually goes away. And if it doesn’t that it means that you’re genuinely hungry so you can afford to start making a little healthy snack. Even if you’re not a big water drinker, we’re just going to level with you for a second and say… you need to be. Plus, it’s basically a necessity when you’re doing your Flat Tummy Tea cleanse that you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and see the best results. Your body needs it, so get yourself a kick-ass water bottle, set yourself a timer every hour and get drinking.  

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4. Natural Greek Yogurt

Just to be clear, babe… we’re talking natural, unflavoured, unsweetened natural greek yogurt. Yogurt can be a tricky one, as most companies will try and be a little bit sneaky. If it says “Low Fat” that’s generally code for “high in sugar.” And if you find something that’s “Low In Sugar” it’s generally code for “full of fat”. But never fear, babes. There is a happy medium. It’s called all natural greek yogurt. And it should be a relief because yogurt is actually freaking good for your insides. It’s an amazing natural probiotic, it’s packed full of calcium, and it’s a great morning snack that leaves you feeling nice and full. You can even mix it with your almond butter, or your blueberries if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

Greek Yoghurt

5. Almonds 

Approach with caution, babes. These are the best snack if you get your portion controls right. They’re basically full of all the best things ever, and they’re high in protein, fibre, iron, magnesium, and a bunch of other things we’re not super familiar with… but the moral of the story is they are good for you and they’re the perfect snack when you’re craving a lil somethin’ somethin’. Buuuuut, they’re kind of crazy high in the calorie department when you go overboard. So you really only need a handful and not a lot more…. just be careful that you don’t go eating half the bag.

almond snacks

So there you have it babes. Our 5 snack hacks that you can keep hidden away at work or in the pantry at home that you need to tell yourself to eat, rather than reaching for the ice-cream or the chocolate. It’s all about making the right choices at the right times. And trust us, subbing in some of these handy little snack tricks, especially while you’re doing your Flat Tummy Tea cleanse, will defs help you stay on track and help you get that kick-ass tumm you’ve been working on! Girl, you’ve got this!

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