Real Girl Series - Part 4

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Hi Flat Tummy Ladies,

I’m Nicole, and I’m one of the Flat Tummy HQ girls. I’ve actually done a few blogs with the brand before telling a bit about my story because this product and this company actually changed my life. I’m super excited that they wanted to feature me as part of the Real Girl Series so I can talk a bit more about how I incorporate Flat Tummy products into my everyday life. Hope you guys enjoy!

My Healthy Work Snacks

So when it comes to food, I love to cook, and eating healthy isn’t hard for me (let’s be real… veggies are so yum if you do them right!). But my biggest challenge is that I work (a lot) and I’m rarely home. So that means meal prep, and lots of take out. SO! When I can, I try to simplify it as much as I can!

I find it easiest to prep my protein on Sunday evenings (chicken breast, boiled eggs, hummus) and then it makes throwing salads and wraps together super simple on the day! I also find that if I pack snacks and supper, I’m less likely to eat out. Though if you do eat out, no harm in a salad, side dressing and some delish protein on top!

Flat Tummy Meal Prep

My Workouts

I found the gym super intimidating at first, so I started my fitness journey by going to hot yoga classes, and going on hikes! When it comes to hot yoga, anyone can do it, and you don’t have to have any experience - everyone leaves with their knees sweating, and feeling like you kicked ass. Buuuut if you’re not really a ‘class’ person, taking it outside is SUCH a great idea. In the beginning I’d suggest easier terrains, until you feel more comfortable. But let me tell you this, nothing feels better than climbing that ‘mountain’ and thinking, hell ya, I did that.

My Top Pick

The Ultimate Bundle is what really kick started my Flat Tummy experience so I can safely say that I love all of the products (see my results blog here). Though if I had to pick just one I couldn’t live without, it’d be the meal replacement shakes. They’re once a day, Monday to Friday, and they’re super delish. My fav is Matcha! So convenient, they leave you feeling full, they’re easy to take on the go, and mix really well with other fruits and veggies.

When I first started my Flat Tummy journey I didn’t know where to start or how to use a protein shake. So I learned some tips along the way! I always only use frozen or SUPER cold ingredients, a warm shake is not a happy shake. I also drink mine with a straw, I find it helps you drink it faster. I like to mix some yogurt in my shakes, Flat Tummy uses vegan protein, so yogurt makes it nice and smooth. Annnnd lastly, if you’re drinking yours for breakfast or lunch like me, don’t nurse it, and drink it within 30 mins or so. You’ll get that full and satisfied feeling for longer! If you’re ready to give it a shot - just click here!

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