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07 June 2018

Real Girl Series - Part 2

Posted by Shelby from Flat Tummy Co

Flat Tummy Meal Plan, Shake it Baby

Hiii Babes!

I’m Danielle and I’m part of the team at Flat Tummy Co HQ! Super pumped to be part of their Real Girl Series that’s going on right now and I’m excited to share a little about my day-to-day life with you guys.

My Healthy Work Snacks

Sooo I should probably start off by saying that more often than not I actually find it pretty hard to eat healthy. I do like working out and I do like to be fit, but my sweet tooth is actually just FULL BLOWN out of control sometimes.

I pretty much workout just so that I can treat myself (at least once a day… #whoops). But anyway, I know that it’s not super healthy and sometimes I need to cut back if I have something I’m prepping for.

Like I’m getting married in a month, which is crazy exciting, but it’s also given me something to work towards. So I came up with some healthy, delicious and low calorie snacks as substitutes to my not so healthy snacks I was having before. These are great things to snack on in between meals, they keep you full, they’re good for you and they give you that extra energy you need either mid morning or mid afternoon!

Flat Tummy Snacks

My Workouts

So as I said earlier, as much as I don’t always love eating healthy, I do really enjoy working out. I try and do something (literally anything) every day just because I find it keeps me focused, and it helps me blow off some steam from the day. So I’ve included below some quick videos of my favourite ab workouts that really hit your core! Make sure that whenever you do any of these exercises that you always focus on squeezing your tummy whenever you can. Trust me, you’ll really feel it!


Exercise # 1 - Lunges with Medicine Ball

Exercise #2 - Hanging Leg Raises

Exercise #3 - Opposite Raised Planks


My Top Pick

So to finish up, I thought I’d let you know about my go to Flat Tummy Co product. I’m a Flat Tummy Shakes girl and I’ve been obsessed with them since they came out. I like to workout in the morning before work, and let’s be real… being a woman - there isn’t a lot of time to workout, shower, get ready for work AND fit in some massive breakfast. So these shakes are perfect for me. I fill my bottle up with water and empty the packet and shake it as I walk out the door. I find this pretty much keeps me full until lunch and sometimes I’ll have a snack if I need to but I’m definitely not as hungry as I used to be and I’m not getting any major sweet cravings… which… let’s be real - is pretty big for me. But even in terms of getting ready for my wedding, doing this program along with my daily workouts has got me seeing some pretty amazing results. I’m looking and feeling really freaking good - so I’m excited to see where I’m at after the next few weeks!

If you wanna try out my fav FT Co product, just hit the picture below to get started!

Flat Tummy Shakes, Shake it Baby, Meal replacement

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