Tummy Bootcamp - Part 1

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Each week we’ll be posting a new challenge for you to complete. So on top of using your Flat Tummy Shakes and Flat Tummy Tea to get back on track, these challenges are designed to help get you back to flat.

But we have a few rules, so listen up Babe Army.

1. We’re all about babes supporting babes, so positive vibes only!
2. Challenge yourself and others around you, to do the best you can.
3.Tackle each challenge and have freaking fun

 Oh, and don't forget your pink stripes. You're about to start seeing hundreds of babes on the gram rocking theirs. So be sure to grab pink paint, pink lipstick or literally anything you've got lying around to make yours. Plus, we’ll be throwing in a few competitions along the way - so stay close to our IG page.

Getting back on track is that much easier (and fun) when you got a Babe Army as backup. So make sure you snap pics before/during/after completing challenges and post using the hashtag #tummybootcamp or send them to getflat@flattummyco.com

Don’t forget to grab your Flat Tummy Tea or your Flat Tummy Shakes before we kick off with our first challenge on Monday.

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