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Hey Hey! It’s Sydney here. I’m one of the newer members at Flat Tummy HQ! And just like the majority of HQ - I’ve got a massive sweet tooth, so meal prep is like my best friend. Even though I plan my meals in advance, my gym routine doesn’t have the same structure. I go off of whatever I’m feelin’ that day, and kinda just listen to my body. So that’s a quick snippet about me! But here’s what you really need to know. As part of starting here, you get to try allllll the programs, and lucky for you - you’ve caught me in the middle of my shake program! So I’m giving you the ins and outs of how I’ve been tackling my first ever Flat Tummy Shake program and how I’m getting results already - even though I’m a rookie!

My Simple Dinner Recipe

One thing I’m all about is super easy and super quick meals. Working full time and then making time for the gym after work or finding time to hang out with your girlfriends doesn’t leave you with a huge amount of time to then cook a 3 hour meal. So simple, easy and healthy meals are my go-to! I don’t eat meat, so I’m always on the Internet trying to find new recipes and things to try. One thing I love to make is a quick and easy veggie burger. I buy these veggie burger mix packets which you can buy from any food store, and then I usually just add some quinoa and a veggie (it’s usually carrots for me) and then that’s it! Sometimes I’ll add in some pickles or mustard just for extra taste and then BAM! Dinner is served.

Flat Tummy Meal Prep, Flat Tummy Shakes

My Workouts

So I’m a littttle bit random when it comes to what I do at the gym. I really like to work out but I hate doing the same thing over and over and over again. So I’m always looking at ways that I can shake things up and still get a killer workout in for the day. One place I usually find my workouts is on Instagram. I try and do a different workout video every workout. So I’ll find something and pretty much just copy it! I try to do 3 sets of 12 on 5-6 machines at the gym. I don’t tend to work one particular area. I just go for it and typically end up doing a full body workout every time. Some of my fave accounts to check out are @meghangrubb @whitneyysimmons and @minibutmighty!

Warm Up - 20 mins of cardio (I usually hit the bike!)

Exercise # 1 - Cable Face Pull

Exercise #2 - Lat Pull Downs


Exercise #3 - Pushdown on Assisted Dip Machine


My Top Pick

So for breakfast lately I’ve been making a lot of smoothies. And one thing I’ve started doing is tossing my Flat Tummy Shake in there. One of the main reasons why I love this product so much is because I don’t eat meat. So this product helps me get my protein in for the day. There’s 20 grams of plant based protein in each sachet, so it’s a great way to pack your protein in for the day in just your first meal. It also helps me start my day off with my mind in the right place and it’s a good reminder to stay strong! It’s quick, it’s super easy to make (especially if you’re running late and need something on the go) and for a vegan meal replacement shake packed with protein, it’s actually really really yum. Especially since a lot of them out there don’t taste great at all. So if you guys have been thinking about trying it, it’s honestly worth it - just click my pic below to try it for yourselves!

Flat Tummy Shake it Baby

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