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7 Day Challenge Results

Hey everyone!

KP here and boy are you in for a treat! I heard about Flat Tummy’s 7 Day Challenge: Core and got my hands on it right when it came out!

After I downloaded and checked out the 7 Day Core Challenge, I thought to myself - this is going to be a breeze, these workouts don’t even look hard (LOL... I was wrong). I decided to do this challenge with one of my co-workers during our lunch break - they only take approx 20 minutes each, so super manageable. After the first day of the core challenge I could feel the burn (but in a good way - I knew these workouts would work).

Flat Tummy Shaker Bottle

I started my Chocolate shake program on my second day, and had my shake for my lunch. I mixed it with peanut butter and bananas to make them even more tasty.  I found they really helped to curb my appetite until I got home from work to make dinner. By the third day, I started to notice changes and improvements in my tummy - I found myself looking forward to doing the exercises, and I couldn’t wait to take my lunch break to smash one out!

Women's Workout Gear

After working my butt off and sweating bullets on my lunch break for a week, I started to notice my tummy was toning up and I felt more energized than before (and coming from someone who is like the energizer bunny, I wouldn’t have guessed it was even possible!) By the end of the 7 Days I felt good - I felt powerful. I no longer dreaded working out and even though the week is over, you bet I’m going to keep crushing it week after week. If you want to take the 7 Day Challenge: Core like I did, click here!

Flat Tummy Before and After Results

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