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Our girls have been smashing their tummy comeback goals and we’re so freakin’ excited pumped to see their progress and hear what they had to say. So… we put together a few highlights below to show you what they’re saying about us!

Flat Tummy review


Flat Tummy Shakes are TOP SHELF! I have been ordering Flat Tummy Shakes for over a year. I love them! Delicious with almond milk, super tasty, and all natural, plant based protein. Best shakes out there! I have one every day after a workout and will not switch.

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Flat Tummy Shake review


Everything is great and amazing. I love the program - definitely recommending to all my friends and family.

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Tea Infuser Review


I love how the shakes keep me full until I eat my next meal. I also love how the activate tea helps me not stay bloated for the whole day and how the cleansing tea really cleanses me out. The program over all is amazing. I’m so happy I took a leap to but this!

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Fitness review


I am an athlete and always workout so when I had ACL surgery I was on bed rest for 2 months and lost all my muscle and was feeling icky. So I tried this out since it said “better than dieting and exercise alone” and I wasn’t able to walk. It has helped me so much!! It DEFINITELY helped A LOT with my bloating! I definitely recommend this to help you get back on track and it’s great for energy and just feeling good!

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Shakes review


The biggest change so far is internally where my stomach is less bloated, I have so much more energy where I can actually function throughout my day. I have been wanting to workout, and can think a lot better. One of the biggest factors is how these shakes have curved my cravings, where it makes me not want to snack.

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