Bootcamp day 6

BABE! It’s day freakin’ 6 - which means once you finish today’s workout, you’ve only got ONE left. You’re almost there! If you’re feelin’ like you need a little backup and extra tummy boost - grab our Beat the Bloat Bundle with 20% OFF.

Oh, and if you still need to complete the first workouts, click here.

Pro babe tip: Our Flat Tummy Lifestyle guides provide different workouts and extras to target exactly what you want to focus on. Check them out and see which one you’ll tackle next!


High Knees
(30 reps per side)


High Knees

Leg Lifts
(30 reps per side)


Leg lifts

(15 reps)


Push ups

(45 reps)



Glute Bridge
(25 reps)


Glute bridge

You know the drill, complete this circuit 3 times and you’re done! Wanna keep pushing for results? Grab our Ultimate Bundle with all the bootcamp essentials and save 20% OFF!

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  • I’m loving this workout;it helps me out a wholllllleeeee lottt!

    Peaches Glass on

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