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Meet Kristal DeFeo! A business owner, passionate about
mental health and recovery, while being a huge advocate of physical wellness. After feeling awful and bloated, she began her journey with our Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies in June of 2022. Keep reading to hear how she lost 8 lbs in 8 weeks!


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I found FlatTummyCo on amazon initially when I was desperate for something that would eliminate my bloat and discomfort... Normal foods I could eat a few years ago, my body can no longer break down as quickly nor digest which leave me bloated and uncomfortable. It almost makes me not want to eat. You have to eat to diet and exercise correctly... Losing weight is all about eating right versus not eating nothing (In fact diet is 75% of weight loss with exercise being only 25%)... I read reviews and sure enough it was everything I read about!


Your physical wellness effects everything you do! I started my 8 week challenge with my best friend and boyfriend Josh. I can not take credit for the start of the challenge it was all his idea. We started in May of 2022 when I was at my heaviest weight at 4’11” 132 lbs (22 lbs over average recommended weight). I felt awful and bloated. We started the fitness journey together to get back on track and by the end I had reached my personal goal and lost about 7-8 lbs.

These gummies do the job and are tolerable in terms of the apple cider taste. They taste like little candies and are not harsh on the throat at all. You would never know that with every taste you are supporting your own weight management, reducing your appetite, and supporting your gut health which we do not learn about in school. 


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[During my fitness journey] I was working out 5 days a week sometimes two a days. However normally I incorporate minimum of three days of exercise into my weekly routine... I also found that doing cycle or HIIT classes can be fun and allows me to switch things up. I also found my passion in swimming again as well as salsa dancing! I love hiking and being outside. Exercise can look different for everyone and you do not have to be inside a gym to reach your goals. Also these gummies work in conjunction with proper dieting and exercise... You have to put in all the work. This will just add to your overall wellness if you are doing it all the right way.


[Advice I would give to people using FTCo programs would be to] never give up and all changes take time. Your routine will not look exactly like someone else’s either so please do not compare. You have to do what works for you and make it fun! Who said fitness has to be boring! Lastly, accountability partners do help and offer support and motivation so do not be shy in asking someone to join your fitness journey!


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This product helps but I will add that if you are having continuous issues with digestion remember to try and eat three hours or so before bed time so your body can digest. If your body is sleeping without proper digestion it causes heartburn bloat and all other types of issues...


There you have it! Grab our ACV Gummies HERE to get the age old benefits of traditional Apple Cider Vinegar and help support weight management.*

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