Cameron Diaz's inspiring take on how to embrace your bodies instincts - Flat Tummy Tea recommended!

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Cameron Diaz


The law of Hunger, the science of Strength and other ways to love your amazing body!

Cameron Diaz

After a long weekend of Birthday festivities which included cake, alcohol, eating out and more cake, I was on my way home from work feeling tired, bloated and unmotivated. I walked towards my front door planning on jumping into bed with with a mug of Flat Tummy tea and the DVD marathon of Gossip Girl. Instead I stumbled across a late Birthday package on my door step. Who would have thought this package would change the direction of not only my lazy afternoon, but many more lazy, unmotivated days ahead of me. This package opened up to be The Body Book by Cameron Diaz, a perception of the inseparable links between nutrition, the mind and body…

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Let’s just start off with saying how glamorously desirable, fit and down to earth Cameron is. How can anyone not love her! She has become an inspiration and role model for woman all over the world. She goes out of her way to support causes such as empowerment of woman and girls, environmental concerns and education. Talk about girl power at its best! 

Cameron has used her real life experiences and a little help from grounded science experts to put together this master piece guide for woman to work towards living the best life possible in all aspects of it. From the very beginning of the book she makes it clear that The Body Book is NOT a diet book but that it was written to offer a holistic long-term approach in making consistent choices and reaching the ultimate goal… a long, strong, happy, healthy life! The combination of food, fitness, focus and fun are all incorporated into each chapter.  

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First thing I absolutely loved about the book is Cameron’s expected bubbly and friendly personality within her writing. It feels like Cameron is right there talking to you, she says “Life is about loving and living and laughing… with lots of breakfasts and lunches and think-fests and sweat-fests and stretch-fests in between”. The book is filled with relatable and motivational words which leave you wanting more… 

Cameron gets super personal throughout the book, getting “scientific” with certain body parts using elaborate pictures, diagrams and being open about her own life experiences (good AND bad) which shaped her into become the amazing and content woman she is now. "These are our bodies, ladies! It's OK to talk about them. And it's really, really important to get real, get knowledgeable, and get comfortable”.

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Another part which I love about book, is the strip of every page dedicated to you and your thoughts. It’s a part where you can take notes and write exactly what you are thinking about right there and then! What a cute touch in making the book seem like your OWN personalised diary, try not too get too carried away with the love heart and flower scribbles ladies…

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So to sum things up, Cameron Diaz:The Body Book is a perfect combination of what our Flat Tummy Tea customers are encouraged to strive towards. Health, knowledge, confidence, success and the motivation to get up and get going in every day life. Big thanks to Cameron for putting so much knowledge and effort into the book for all us girls waiting around for that kick start in life. It really is an inspirational read and I would recommend it to you all! 

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