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Adrianne Ho gives health and positivity that cool and sexy edge.  We Flat Tummy Girls are constantly challenged and on the edge of our seats, searching for empowering figures to be inspired by. Hence, we fell into the world of Adrianne Ho. From her rad outfit choices to her sexy “not even trying” poses, Miss.Ho left us wanting more. 

Being health conscious and embracing her individuality began after she started her career as a model. “This industry has shown me the importance of embracing your difference because that’s what sets you apart”. Adrianne has been featured on several magazine covers, countless fashion editorials, and numerous beauty campaigns including Maybelline, L’Oreal, and MAC Cosmetics.

With a personal style blended between street wear, high-end fashion, and athletic wear, Adrianne has become a modern menswear muse! She has been snapped up by brands such as Nike, Stussy, Levi’s and other top notch labels which give her that extra fresh edge. As the new face of fashionable fitness, Adrianne’s strong sense of personal style is a result of her success with her own brand Sweat The Style. 

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Sweat The Style is an active lifestyle culture and brand devoted to fashionable fitness, natural beauty and a strong positive outlook on health. Adrianne endorses a healthy wellbeing but doesn’t follow the clichés of maintaining it. She ditches the treadmill in favour of a parkour workout, hiking, boxing or taking up a challenging boot camp which we we love! In our books, this turned her from mere model, to instant homie! 

Sweat The Style’s website revolves around Adrianne’s rated sense of humour, using her surname “Ho” as a self-deprecating advantage… lets just say she appreciates a good pun. Her Twitter account is filled with tweets like “It’s hot out here for a Ho” and “Ho on the go.” But jokes aside, she means business and is only just getting started. We are endlessly inspired by this cool, confident babe and can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

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